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It is with a great sense of loss and sadness that I announce the passing in August 2013 of the author of Ben at age 78 from causes unknown. There is no reason now in continuing his anonymity which stemmed from a threat about 40 years ago from persons of influence, to be 'done away with' if he published his knowledge in book form. Those days the Medical Profession didn't take kindly to being ridiculed, these days it's commonplace if you know where to look.

He was Barry Slogrove, a true genius of the 20th century with a great depth of knowledge over a wide range of subjects. At the height of his personal standing his brain could resonate at 4 hertz and his pulse rate would go as low as 30 beats per minute. At that stage while on a visit to Himalayan spiritual teachers, one of them told him that the only way he could progress onward would be if he shut himself away from the rest of mankind but he chose to 'stay with us' and endeavour to save us from ourselves and raise us from the mess we were in (and are still in).

To his great disappointment it seemed that he had little success in inspiring others to live a vastly improved, enlightened, disease free lifestyle, as is mankind's true birthright. Several who knew him said he was way ahead of his time. Not how I would put it, I'd say he was just right for this day and age, about fixing climate change, about conserving nature's bounty not harvesting it to extinction, about being healthy not needing disease management (under the guise of health care). It is the rest of us by comparison who are far far behind the times, we still live like our ancestors did, exploit everything, chop down every tree, catch every fish – those times are long gone, there are too many of us now.

For the astute reader who has read any of Barry's site the question probably arises, if everything he said about diet, nutrition and living is true, why did he not exceed the average life expectancy by a country mile? Valid question.

Throughout his earlier years he experimented on himself by mono dieting to the extreme with many foods to see how his body reacted, the consequences of this may have eventually taken it's toll. After spending a great part of his life enthusiastically trying to reverse deteriorating world conditions with not much to show for it, must have been depressing at times. Maybe it was this that led him to occasionally (and with fervour) digress from the healthy living regime that he expounded upon for decades. As anyone who lives or has tried to live as a true fruitarian, even for a few weeks, would be painfully aware, the urge to digress can be overwhelming. Our memory will tempt us with tastes, sights and smells of many foods, some from as far back as our childhood years, that in the long term are positively harmful to us. Digressing can have devastating effects, instantly undoing much of good work that has taken months or years to build up.

That and the boredom he complained of frequently, from not having a circle of like minded people who as a group could demonstrate irrefutably where the right-use-ness of his knowledge would transform civilisation as we know it and where he could debate and discuss the new discoveries that this modern age comes up with. While he lived in Gympie I was able to partially fill that void but a couple of years ago he felt the need to move to the tropics where he would have year round ready access to better quality fruit.

So, Barry old son, thank you, it works for me, without 'medical help' I have lived 25% longer than my parents did and I am more healthy now than they were when they were in their 40's. May you rest in peace, your ashes have been spread around a few of your fruit trees and we are expecting a bumper crop from them next year.

Malcolm Bone

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