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Health and Well Being      
May 2012


The Author has devoted most of his life in search of the wisdom of the Ancient Masters. The truth they espoused was that the more mankind conquered the desires of the physical and psychological, the less it needs, the closer it gets to the divine state of being. What is more precious than health and well being? What has one profited if one gains the whole world and loses one's health and life? Therefore it behoves one to know oneself and not let society continue to drag one down to it's level.

One can choose to take responsibilty for one's own well being by adopting healthy eating habits and lifestyle and live a long healthy life without any suffering, medical bills, no longer needing medical insurance or one can choose to carry on doing what ever one has been doing, treating the body with less regard/respect than one would of one's car or pets and eventually the interior of the body becomes more encrusted from the un-eliminated wastes from an unhealthy diet than it's exterior would ever have been. Keep doing what ever one has have been doing and suffer the consequences or take charge of one's own well-being.

Very few individuals in life realise they were misled by their parents, by their teachers and by their doctors about health and well being.

Education and Science in it's ignorance has blinded and clouded our brain with so much erroneous nonsense that we have lost our common sense and can no longer see the obvious, even though it is there for us to see in the natural world. We marvel at the fact that all animals are endowed with a range of Innate (inborn) Instincts which guide them infallibly from birth to death on how to meet all their needs, little comprehending – realising we were provided with an even more comprehensive range of Innate (inborn) Instincts to guide us in the selection of all our needs and live a healthy life. All animals obey their inborn Instincts and never stray. Mankind ignores his Instincts and his supposed higher intelligence always leads it astray. Study Section on Instincts.


There is only good health or ill health.

Vibrant health results from, and can only be preserved by, breathing unpolluted air, drinking pure water, sunshine, exercise and a frugal diet, eating only raw natural foods.

Ill health began from the accumulation of increments of acidic wastes from the first day of one's conception in the womb by the unhealthy diet of the mother until the end of the nine months of gestation. After birth accumulating more un-eliminated acidic wastes in the body from an un-natural, unhealthy diet, which obviously hastens the aging of the body leading to one's early demise.

The most important fact one needs to come to grips with, is what most of mankind thinks is a natural trait, the condition of the human species having the sensation one experiences in the abdomen referred to as hunger. That hunger is a natural trait of the human species, is in fact an insidious unscientific belief, and could not be further from the truth. Also because it leads to over eating, obesity and all the diseases which present mankind suffers from. Study Section on Hunger and Instincts.

The maintenance of health and well being is more intimately and immediately related to and dependent upon the excreting part of the physiological process than it is upon the supply of nutrient. Study Section on Colon Health.

Prof. Metchnikoff the renowned scientist stated:
“The greatest problem to health and longevity is to keep the alimentary canal free from putrefaction”.


Ill health always follows the consumption of an unhealthy diet and living in an unhealthy (polluted) environment. Both of these conditions begin encrusting the interior of the body with deposits of acidic wastes it has not been able to eliminate. It therefore follows that in order for the body to repair itself and to reclaim good health and reverse the aging process requires the conditions for it to be able to eliminate all the accumulated wastes. The only means is to obey the universal laws of nature, which is frugal eating of natural foods and periodic fasting.

Study Section on Fasting.

Dr. Adolph Meyer an eminent German physician wrote; "I assert that fasting is the most efficient means for correcting disease.”

Dr. Moeller superintendent of the Closchwitz sanatorium said: “ Fasting is the only natural evolutionary method whereby, through a systematic cleansing, the body can restore itself by degrees to physiological normality”.


As many of the most noted researchers have discovered, there is no reason why mankind suffers from disease, ages and dies other than from the accumulation of primarily acidic wastes from the consumption of unnatural drinks and foods, and living in an unhealthy environment. All of them discovered that regeneration of the physical body is a scientific fact and only commences when the intestinal tract is empty of all food. Hence the importance for washing out the colon- bowel- large intestinal tract before and during any cleansing (fasting) regime.

When the water (blood temperature) from colonic irrigation or an enema enters the bowel it has a benign effect, softening, dissolving, and carrying off the hardened feces. And after further treatment it begins to wash away the hardened matter that is adhering to the inside of the sacculated folds and also helps dissolve any encrusting that has developed in the interstitial spaces in lining/wall of the colon.

Study the Section Colon Health.

Thereafter adopt a frugal diet on fruit only for three to four days. Then revert to a healthy diet avoiding most of all mixing complex carbohydrate food such as breakfast cereals with milk. An excellent muesli is included in this work.

The simple truth is if one defiles the blood with unhealthy food and drinks one can not expect to reap good health and a long life. If one never defiled the blood one would never age or die, that's right it, could not be more simple and obvious.

Excerpts from “Live Better” by Professor Hilton Hotema.

Dr Alexis Carrell famous biologist of the Rockefeller Institute, asserts “The cell is Immortal. It is only the fluid in which it floats that degenerates. Renew this fluid at proper intervals, give the cell (natural) nourishment upon which to feed, and so far as we know the pulsation of life may go on forever. Quickly, involuntarily, the thought comes: Why not with man.”

Dr. Munroe wrote: The human frame as a machine is perfect. It contains within itself no marks by which we can predict it's decay. It is apparently intended to go on forever.

Dr. Wm. A. Hammond, late surgeon, U.S. Army stated that: “There is no physical reason at the present day why mankind should die.”

It has often been said that a drunkard may reach old age but a glutton, never.

The truth of this assertion is proven by experience. Drakenberg, a Dane buried in the Cathedral in Aarhus. Denmark lived 146, and reached this advance age in spite of the fact he was more often drunk than sober. Writes Dr Arnold Lorand in “Old Age Deferred.” p. 48.

Dr. Charles W. De Lacy Evans, M.R.C.S.E. Etc., surgeon to St. Savior's Hospital, England wrote in “How to Prolong Life”:
We find one great cause that accounts for the majority of cases of longevity – moderation in the quantity of food eaten.

Dr. Evans also wrote:
“Among instances of longevity, we have the Ancient Britons, whom Plutarch stated 'only began to grow old at 200 years'. Their food consisted of nuts, berries and water.

Many more reported instances of longevity are cited in this book.


The bugs and the birds have no sickness, no hospitals, no doctors, no drugs no vaccines, no serums, yet they are ruled by the same laws of creation (nature) that governs mankind. But the bugs and birds do not subsist on cooked and seasoned food. They do not attempt to improve on the work of creation. They are not so stupid as mankind.

Probably the biggest stumbling block in the Education of Medical Doctors and Nurses is they are not given a solid grounding in diet and nutrition. They frankly admit they know practically nothing about food and what constitutes a healthy diet.


The problem is all the so called international experts in the field are almost as confused as the man in the street on what constitutes a natural healthy diet, mainly because they know practically Zilch about the scientific (natural) laws that govern all life and mankind in the natural world. The present endeavour of the Author in this work is to reveal all the requirements to health and well being.

Begin the day with a glass of water (from next to the bed), then do some stretch exercises on top of the bed before getting out of bed ( all animals do so) and after brushing teeth and tongue to get all the furry pluck off them do some form of exercise followed by breakfast (The Muesli Recipe in the Menu) fit for a King, a frugal lunch fit for a Prince and a light Paupers supper.

Breakfast at 10, a frugal supper at 6 (after a shower, 20 minutes of yoga and at least 10 minutes of meditation to unwind) makes one live at least 10 times 10. This eating routine is healthier and more natural. It provides 8 hours of physical activity between meals giving the body ample time to complete the digestive process and deliver the wastes to the eliminatory organs for disposal but it can't happen if one is on a gross unhealthy diet.

Study the Section Transition to Healthy Eating and the Section 'The Three Weapons of Mass Destruction (W.M.Ds)' which has some of what one needs to begin eliminating from one's diet if one is seeking Vibrant Health.


Why! because we are fast running out of time to fulfil our earthly mission, with this civilisation well on the way to rendering the planet unfit for human habitation. The mission was to attain the realised enlightened state, which can only be achieved when one has resurrected the physical and psychological to health and well being.

Study Sections Science to Religion and Superconsciousness and Brains (two) Modus Operandi.

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