Taipan Jacketed Bullets

Manufactured by Malcolm Bone, Gympie 4570

All inquiries by Email please.

March 2019 News Flash - Taipan is undergoing a resurrection. - March 2020, still working at it - August 2020, original plan looking doubtful.

The new production prices have to reflect current costs so will be nowhere near the give-away prices that have been used over the past several years. We have done a small run of 270 cal 130 gr HP and as of Dec '19 we are working on 303 and 308 calibers. When they are available for delivery they will be added to this price list.

Please note, I need to work on a $150 minimum order. This is a manufacturing facility not a gun shop and it is hugely uneconomic

to gather, pack, print address labels, drive 6 Km to the Post Office and stand in a queue for 5 minutes for orders of only a 100 bullets.

These days of instant electronic communication, SMSs, emails etc have some downsides the worst of which is that they have encouraged people not to think
(don't figure out the answer to your query, send off an SMS and get the answer from the horses mouth) and because we do this a lot, then the recipient of the queries
gets bogged down, delays the answering and most prevalent with big firms, don't reply at all. See at bottom of the page for an example.

From now on only those bullets that are actually in stock will be listed. See also a big list of 'end of run' part boxes, seconds etc. A few Sierra/Hornady etc available here.
  Freight cost to be added to total
    Best cost effective option is a package of over 4 Kg and under 5 Kg (e.g 400 x 150gr) for a cost of $9.00 to anywhere..
Updated regularly    
per 100    
.224 Diameter including GST
.243/6mm Diameter  
TJ244100HWSP .244 100 GR SP BT Extra Heavy Jkt, bonded core 48.60

.277 Diameter
TJ277130HP .277 130 GR HOLLOW POINT 58.50 100
TJ277130HPX .277 130 GR HOLLOW POINT in 250 per bag lots 52.10 250
.312 Diameter (303)
Waiting for a new form die.
.356/9mm Diameter        
TJ356100HP 356 100 GR ROUND NOSE HP 20.80 100
TJ356150RN 356 150 GR RND NOSE SOFT PT 28.50
.357 Diameter  
TJ357147SHP .357 147 GR SHP LIGHT JACKET 25.70 100
TJ357158HPP .357 158 GR SHP  LIGHT JACKET 25.30 100  

.400 Diameter (10 mm & 40 Cal)

TJ400165FMJX .400 165 GR FULL METAL JACKET 31.40 400  

In my personal experience it takes on average 8 emails to finalise an order placed with me when surely two would suffice, namely client to me to place the order and my reply advising cost and EFT numbers but it usually goes like this :-

1   "Do you have any XYZs?"

2  I send a link to my site that lists what I have in stock.

3  "How many have you got?"

4  Good supplies otherwise they wouldn't be listed.

5  "Can I order 1000 and what is the cost including freight?"

6  To figure the freight I need to know where to ship them?

7  "Oh, I'm at (his address)"

8  I figure the freight and all up cost plus send EFT numbers.

Whereas all that is needed is "I would like to order 1000 XYZs to be shipped to this address."

I reply with all up cost including freight plus payment options.

All finished, everyone's happy. However most purchasers go through the 8 email rigmarole, it means little to them as they go through it only once. The seller however gets it several times a day every day and that's very time consuming.