The Carnivore Question.


There are about 300 physical and physiological differences between humans and carnivores, these are some of the most glaring.




A lower jaw designed for biting that moves up and down only

A jaw that moves side to side, back and forth as well as up and down to facilitate mashing food into small particles.

Fangs, upper and lower.


No fangs or at least prior to the 1400s there weren’t. That our eye teeth are remnants from our primeval ape ancestors is just rubbish. Neanderthal and prior to skulls have never been found with eye teeth, nor did any recently dug up black plague corpses from the 1400s. That we have eye teeth now is evolution at work responding to our ever excessive consumption of meat over the past 5 centuries. If you watch for them you will on rare occasions see the lower fangs emerging in some people.

Teeth apart from the fangs are for cutting, even those at the rear of the jaw.

Our rear teeth are molars for crushing/grinding.


Front teeth between fangs are almost in a straight line to facilitate cutting flesh close from bone,

Frontal teeth are in a curve and the top ones protrude forwards slightly. Imagine how difficult it would be to take a bite out of an apple if they weren’t.

Their digestive system is at least 5 times more acidic than that of other groups. It is so strong that meat can be swallowed in big chunks and doesn’t need chewing.

Our digestive system was designed to be alkaline, these days it is mostly acidic dictated by our wayward eating habits. We do need to chew thoroughly to enable good digestion


Almost no digestion takes place in the mouth (the necessary acidity would dissolve their teeth), it all starts in the stomach.

Our digestion begins immediately food enters our mouth, this is a predigesting process and almost always is accompanied by a rise in pH from mildly acidic to mild to strong alkalinity depending on what the food is.

Their intestines are shorter than in other groups in order to expel flesh residue before it putrefies.

Our intestinal tract is long to enhance digestion and give ample time for nutrient absorption.


They produce the enzyme uricase which oxidizes uric acid, an inescapable by-product of digesting flesh.

We don’t ever produce the uricase enzyme. The uric acid not eliminated via the kidneys accumulates somewhere within our bodies to our great detriment, usually in our joints giving rise to arthritis and/or gout.

After a kill, carnivores go for the great delicacy, the partly digested intestinal content for it is their main source of B vitamins.

Haven’t heard of any humans tackling this bit, sausage skin, thoroughly washed, is near as we get.

They have aggressive tendencies and females in particular have no compunction about killing other species for food, sometimes even for ‘fun’ or perhaps practice.

Killing something to eat it is repugnant to most of us, particularly women. We hire ‘contract killers’ at abattoirs to do that for us. Those of us who don’t eat meat don’t exhibit aggressive tendencies.

Their young will exhibit aggressive tendencies at an early age and have no qualms about killing.

Our young are ever so gentle with animals and wouldn’t intentionally harm a fly.


We live in a reactive universe, everything that happens today is a forerunner for what happens tomorrow, the extent that this applies is beyond our ability to fully comprehend. Bottom line, what we eat determines what we do, how we think and what we become.

 If your car was designed to run on premium fuel and that's what you feed it on, it will produce high energy, keep clean and last for years. If you feed it on unleaded it will have less horse power, go slower, get carbon build-up and not last so long. If you feed it on kerosene it's performance and life will be drastically reduced. What you feed your body on induces similar responses but being biological the responses are psychological as well as physical.

We like to think of evolution as invoking gradual improvement but if the inputs are short of our design specification then we will evolve detrimentally. The universe does not draw distinctions between good and bad, it accepts the existence of everything that evolves. Mankind categorises those things that are pleasing or desirable as ‘good’ and those that are not as bad. Many of the seemingly ‘good’ things are over time detrimental to our evolution, nothing has more effect on this than the things we eat.

If we continue to eat increasing amounts of meat we will become more and more carnivorous and take on more traits that are common with carnivores, most pointedly the aggressive tendencies so necessary to ensure their continued supply of 'prey' but unfortunately in us this aggressiveness spills over against our fellow man.

Look at our middle eastern cousins, in recent centuries if they don't have a common enemy to fight against, they fight amongst themselves, they can't bridle their aggressiveness. What do they eat? Meat, meat and more meat, raw meat, cooked meat and even drink warm blood. Americans eat more meat per capita than most other nations - and they are almost always at war with someone. Now that China is becoming more affluent, their meat consumption is soaring, now that is really scary.

Closer to home look at the rapidly escalating incidence of family violence, this in spite of huge amounts of money being thrown at counselling, mediating and whatever. Most likely this is being spurred on by more and more meat in the family diet. Ironic that the wife cooks up more beef to keep husband 'happy', this oversupply of protein and phosphorous induces inner turmoil and erupts as violence, she gets beaten up and ever worsening situations eventuate.

If anyone wants to make a difference and bring about world peace they are NEVER going to achieve that if they don't address the carnivore issue. No amount of mediating, workshops or mind games about being kind and friendly will ever overcome the innate aggressiveness that is part and parcel of eating meat. Take away what causes aggression and peace will follow as a natural consequence. Lets face it, the Popes for centuries have prayed at Christmas for tolerance and world peace and urged their millions of followers to do the same, all to no effect whatsoever. Buddhist monks continually pray for world peace, also with no apparent effect. Governments around the world and the United Nations continually call for it but to no avail.

The udder side of bovine production is the dairy industry. Two problems are obvious here, 1. we are the only species that drinks the milk of another species and 2. we are the only species that continues to drink milk into adulthood. The enzyme lactase is required to digest milk, our bodies produce that up till the age of three after which lactase production ceases and so does our ability to digest milk.

The human brain is probably the most complex organism on earth, from foetus to age 6 or later our nutritional intake is above all else dedicated to brain development and human breast milk has special enzymes dedicated to achieving this. Cows milk is dedicated to the needs of it's calf, namely to enable the doubling of it's weight every 40 days, promoting vigorous hair growth, enabling it to run at full speed within 24 hours of birth but enzymes for brain development are just not there as the bovine brain is rudimentary at best. And human mothers can't wait to bottle feed cow's milk to their infants !!!!!!!! Insane.

There is light at the end of the tunnel. Producing meat as a food source uses 15 times as much water as the next best option. As water becomes scarce it will become expensive and meat will become economically unaffordable. From a global warming perspective the deleterious effect of meat production is widely known (1 billion or more head of cattle all belching methane), at some point it will become critical (clean air is more important to us than anything else) so the beef and dairy industry will have to cease. Of course the economic ramifications of this will be disastrous so it won’t come about until extinction is staring us in the face.

A couple of hair raising exposés on milk are

If anyone seriously has lofty goals to bring about world peace, halve the incidence of disease, decimate the instances of domestic violence and extend our useful lifespan then let them surreptitiously develop a virus that all but wipes out the world cattle population, for that precondition will never come about voluntarily.