Eating, Feeding and Sensing

We see it on TV if not in real life, cows feeding in the pastures, horses with their feed bins, birds feeding on insects, vultures feeding on carcases, on and on it goes but what are those humans doing in that restaurant? They are EATING. We eat lunch, we eat out, we eat our fill but seems we never actually feed.

For all life forms except us, feeding is a conscious effort to select by sight, by touch, by smell and by taste the ideal/suitable substances to ingest that will provide life-sustaining nourishment.

Eating, the human equivalent, has become a social event, entertainment, an escape from depression, a diversion from boredom, an habitual ritual that occurs at 12 noon every day, even a competition (who can eat the most chilli peppers in three minutes). The crucial selection criteria literally 'for our own good' of sight, touch, smell and taste are almost totally corrupted.

SIGHT. We don't much care what it looks like, mostly because we have forgotten what to look for. Sad to say we now sight select the packaging whether that be printed cardboard or the indigestible high gloss wax put on apples etc. When 'eating out' sight merely scans the menu or the prices. When the 'meal' arrives whether it looks good or not, we are going to eat it anyway just to get our money's worth!

TOUCH. Etiquette dictates we use a fork or spoon. From a very early age we are taught not to use our fingers to handle our food. Of course, much of it is too hot for our fingers yet we have this ruthless zeal to put it in our mouth, a part of us that is much more sensitive than out fingers! In some quaint manner the exception is fruit - there may be some hope left for us after all. When selecting, fruit shouldn't be squeezed to the point of bruising, most need only be lightly grasped to feel its skin 'give' a little without wrinkling.

SMELL. This would be one of our most diminished senses as it is continually exposed to huge amounts of air borne pollutants. Apart from that, we now accept that substances with only the most vile of smells PERHAPS shouldn't be considered as edible.

TASTE. The tastebud's purpose in our existence has gone from caring food monitor to servant. It is a case of "I AM going to eat this, you (tastebuds) tell me how much I will enjoy it". Servants always try and please the master so, well, yes, that tastes fine whereas in reality in most cases they should tell you "spit that out - now". As well they have sadly become 'salt sensors', that is, hey, there is no salt in this therefore I won't eat it, it doesn't taste any good. Then there's the effect of cooked really hot 'food' placed in the mouth which is akin to searing your taste sensors with a branding iron up to three times a day.

It has taken thousands of years of backward eating habits to relegate these protective features to their state of total confusion. Anyone adopting the fruitarian diet will find they can get them back to running in unison again as they were many eons ago. Anything we eat should get a unanimous thumbs up from all four. A later chapter will introduce other factors (now totally dormant) that we have that contribute to our selection of food and will go into more detail with the above sensors and how they really work. Only then can we take up feeding once again.

Just as we observe with fascination the lifestyle of ants in an anthill or bees in a beehive, just ponder how an intelligent alien life form from another world might take notes on our behaviour. On top of their 'Totally Incredible' list would be

"This species continually poisons itself, their feeding sensors don't function or are non existent. Even when correct feeding is communicated to them they still won't change, they will ingest innumerable other poisons and go to extraordinary lengths to hide the discomforts that result from their lifelong ingestion of substances not compatible with their body systems. Ultimately, in dire pain, extreme disability and near death, they still continue to ingest all the ingredients that brought them to that condition. Perhaps they have an inbuilt mechanism which senses that if allowed to live a full healthful lifespan, then they would overpopulate their planet. Yet this is a contradiction because they have systems in place which use huge resources and endeavours in an attempt to extend lives by using ingenious variations of the very same life shortening processes!

All these perplexing conundrums can be traced back to a strange common denominator called a 'dollar'. This object seems to have no real contribution to make to human well being, they can't eat it, nothing grows on it, it lasts for centuries under the sea and causes unbelievable euphoria when it resurfaces. If discarded it would pollute their environment but is in fact the only litter that every human will go out of their way to pick up. Overall it generates boundless enthusiasm in them to do all the wrong things, this happens when they have plenty of it, have none at all but wish they did, are in hot pursuit of it and even when they have just lost heaps of it. In the extreme, one human will kill another to acquire it, several will kill dozens to acquire lots of it and even nations of them will kill millions, often sacrificing many of their own, to try and get a monopoly on it. No matter which way this 'dollar' thing is viewed, the reason it is so enthusiastically embraced in spite of its devastating repercussions is quite beyond our understanding.

It is noted that there are similar life forms on this planet which have the same tendency to self destruct, namely Lemmings. These tiny creatures are obviously more intelligent because when they decide that the self destruct time has come, they just jump off a cliff to instantaneous death, a much better idea than the long slow painful drawn out arrangement that humans have developed. Strangely, in the case of Lemmings, there is no apparent causative mechanism, such as a 'Lemming dollar' to set the death wish in motion."

Meanwhile, back on earth . . . . . there are some bright signs that the general populace is recognising that their food quality is reaching an all time low. The demand for 'organic produce' is increasing at the rate of 40% a year, the perception being that paying a little bit more for something of better quality is good value especially when their life depends upon it.

Added to the equation we now have well meaning scientists meddling with the genetic structure of the plants in our food chain. The consequences of this are unimaginable. Remember science's greatest gift to mankind of years ago, DDT. Deadly to insects but totally safe to humans, eat it, bathe in it, no problems. But now we know differently, we almost wiped ourselves off the face of the earth. Where does this infernal arrogance come from where we assume we are smarter than Nature and we can bend it to our puny will. Could it be that damned 'dollar' casting its ugly shadow over our mental processes?

It could be concluded that this is all the meanderings of a tortured mind on a crazy diet, indeed maybe, but if there's an interest in nittty gritty detail on why this is in fact true, then a visit to the Ben-Adamah pages could be most illuminating.