The FAST Track to Good Health.

With emphasis on ‘FAST’, meaning a period of abstinence from food but drinking water only as desired. No juices of any kind, just water for a period of seven days at least. The table below will link to a diary of the day by day experiences and events of my about to begin 7 day fast.

Reasons for this fast

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Day 11 & 12

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For most readers I’m sure they will conclude that this is a stupid hair brained thing to do but if anyone can generate the determination to do it, then that will probably be the biggest single health enhancing event of their lives. It has nothing to do with being anorexic, though the faster may look the part and it has nothing to do with a high from endorphins being released from the brain. It's not an enjoyable event, rather one to be endured in the knowledge that the scourge of good health, accumulated waste, will be removed from the body.

History of Fasting. Down through the ages there are innumerable accounts of people who have fasted from 7 to 40 days. There are Biblical instances as well as modern day and everything in between. Biblically, Matthew 6, 16-18 advises on how to fast but though the writer appeared to know little about it, it would seem that it was not an uncommon practice in those days.

Why Fast? Starting with animals, they instinctively fast to get well if they fall ill. Mankind manages at least three reasons, those devoutly religious make up the greatest number of participants – in their quest for enlightenment. There are those who fast to make protests but that doesn't really count as the ‘authorities’ usually put a stop to it with a drip feed within a few days. Then there are those who fast for the good of their health and some who try it as a last resort when all else fails as death is staring them in the face. It is without doubt a fact that everyone, every day, consumes food containing more waste than all their eliminatory organs are able to expel in the same time frame. If the excess can’t get out then it has to be stored internally. This happens to everyone, EVERY DAY that they eat, for as long as they live. Fasting is about halting incoming toxins to give the body a chance to dispose of stored ones and this it does with almost alarming enthusiasm.

How to Fast. The prime thing to remember, as I read somewhere, “any fool can fast but it takes intelligence and knowledge to break a fast safely.” Breaking the fast is by far the most critical part of the event. Eating too much, particularly of the wrong food, can and has been fatal. We’re talking TWO GRAPES being the first meal, and the ONLY meal for that day.

Three days before a fast begins, keep meat, wheat and dairy products out of your diet, bowel motion will stop during the fast and the last thing anyone needs is an increasingly putrefying piece of dead animal stationary in one’s colon, nor does one need wheat and dairy supplying huge amounts of acid and toxins into the bloodstream. The diet for these  three days should be fruit and veges, mostly or totally fruit, and veggies should be green. Under no circumstances eat a large meal for the last meal thinking that you’ll need it to get you through, the last meal should be a quarter of the size of your usual evening meal. During the fast drink water, if you feel hungry drink water, if you get a headache drink water, any discomfort at all drink water. This is not a “How to Fast” instruction sheet, there are several good books on the market containing great detail and I strongly recommend the purchase of one to be used as a guide.

During a Fast. As someone once said, “You will be on Natures operating table”. The item that causes the hungry feeling is hydrochloric acid in the stomach. The body produces this as required to breakdown certain foods, after these foods pass from the stomach the acid remains and gnaws away at the stomach lining – the hungry feeling. After a couple of days without any incoming acid needing foods the acid goes away and so does the sensation of hunger. The body must keep the blood supplied with blood sugar and for the first couple of days it harvests sufficient of that from previous meals in your intestinal tract.

The morning of the third day is crunch time. The body figures out it is going to have to manufacture these sugars from whatever it can find as there are none left to harvest from the intestinal contents. For these third day morning hours you may feel sick as a dog and be tempted to quit as you are sure you can’t keep this up. The degree of debilitation and nausea is directly related to what was eaten in those three days before the fast began. By about midday a transformation takes place and suddenly you’ll feel fine. If you religiously ate only fruit in those pre three days then you probably won't experience any sick or nausea feeling at all. From then on apart from contending with ever decreasing energy levels, there will be various reactions to the body now flushing out and using what it can of stored toxins to make blood sugar and disposing of the rest to the colon, lungs, bladder or out through the skin. Again, I’m not about to write a book about all the possible processes but will just stress that light exercise and frequent showers to keep the skin clean are very important.

There are divided opinions on the requirement for enemas, some books will be for it, others against.  OK, so it’s an unnatural thing to do but then modern day man’s toxic load has reached gigantic unnatural proportions. It would most likely be beneficial for anyone on their first fast as the quantity of toxins being dumped will be huge. If the requirement for frequent washing of the skin is vital and obvious (smelly), then frequent cleansing of the colon would be advisable otherwise the body will start to recycle its own waste and that will make one very, very ill.

Why now for me? It could be said that I am a seasoned fasting person. The one I am about to begin is my 15th fast of 7 days or more. Several years ago, while a mere vegetarian, I did a 2 year stint where I fasted 7 days every 3 months and I never ate anything on one day every week. That’s 78 days (20%) of the year where I didn’t eat, at the end of 2 years I was 1 Kg heavier than when I started. Food for thought?

When a teenager and up until my mid forties I have always had a 32 inch waist. By mid fifties it was 34 inches. My earlier seven day fasts took weight off everywhere especially my waistline. After the 4th or 5th fast weight came off many places but surprisingly they never took anything off my waistline. Very annoying as I was never comfortable with those two extra inches. Year 2002 was when I switched from a vegetarian diet to a fruitarian diet, lost 10 kg in 6 weeks and bingo, my 32 inch waist was back and it’s been that size ever since. Was on the fruit diet for 2 years, which initially I might add, was one of the hardest things I have ever done but by the end of the 2 years I had regained all but a couple of kg of my original weight. Also at this 2 years later point my skin became very fragile, the slightest bump against even a cardboard box and 12 mm of skin would come off. Bleeding was excessive, almost florescent red in colour but healing was very quick. Added fish to the diet, it helped marginally but didn’t fix it. Added chicken, organic of course and after 3 weeks my skin was fine. Ever since then my diet would be fruitarian apart from the inclusion of chicken once a week. Another feature of the fruit diet is not needing more than 6 or 7 hours of sleep.

Back to the ‘why now’. My main debilitating feature is I guess a bit of arthritis in the knuckle of my left hand forefinger. This has been progressively worsening over the years. A previous 7 day fast improved it but only after day 6, I should have fasted much longer. My head/neck doesn’t swivel like it used to, especially noticeable when backing a trailer or reverse parking. My right knee is visibly larger than the left and I do get the occasional momentary twinge in the cartilage area. These three things point to excess acidity.

Never have been a headache person but have been having a few over the past several weeks, not real happy about that either. Hearing has been normal most days but some days I am struggling, I seem to lose the ability to pick up several tones. Seems to be a blockage somewhere in the ear canals as it is very hard to make my ears pop by trying to blow air out my nose while holding it squeezed shut. Vision fluctuates between good and some days not so good. I’m finding I need 9 hours sleep and tend to tire more readily than I have become accustomed.

The average citizen would be off to the doctor and a steady round of specialist appointments but not this little black duck. I’m not interested in having my symptoms treated and ameliorated or being patted on the head and told that I have to expect these sorts of things at my age. I want the causes removed, to me it all points to acid/toxic build up and being well overdue for a fast.

Day 1, July 17, 2007  

Previous day I ate fruit only and of limited quantity. My ‘last supper’ consisted of 1/3 of an average size papaw. The fast begins.

Unusual for a day 1 in that I was hungry off and on most of the day, this is something I rarely experience in normal times and not on the first day of my previous fasts either. Energy levels were normal as if it was a regular eating type day. Big drama was almost total loss of hearing, the worst I have ever experienced. A very difficult day trying to hear what was being said to me. I seemed to be unable to catch several tones in the normal voice range.  Watching TV that night was hard as I couldn’t make out what was said most of the time, didn’t matter how loud the sound. Sight deteriorated as well but seemed to be just the right eye, just didn’t want to focus on anything, close up or far away.  Can't  really see that day one of a fast could have anything to do with these occurrences.

Checked the pH of my saliva that night and it was 5.0, extremely acid. This would account for my hunger pangs during the day. Took 1/3 of a teaspoon of bicarb of soda in half a glass of water.

Pulse rate was 54 , about normal for someone on a fruitarian diet. Did a normal days work at the factory, went off to the farm later in the afternoon and cut 7 bunches of bananas, finished at dark.

Intake for the day, water about 1 litre.

Output, one normal bowel motion, more pee than normal.

Day 2, July 18

I seemed to have hot flushes during the night, it was a mild night and I’m not sure if it was weather temperature fluctuating or my body temperature. Checked my saliva pH first thing and it was 7.0, amazingly good. Next good thing was my hearing had returned to normal. I don’t think two days of fasting can be given all the credit for this as over the past couple of years I have a history of good days and bad days in the hearing department though never as dramatic as these two days. The best news though is my sight has improved dramatically from yesterday, my close up vision is best it has been for quite some time. I figure the fast has something to do with that but I am very surprised that there are such meaningful benefits after only two days.

Energy levels are good, pulse is stable at 58

Intake for the day, water about 1 1/2 litres.  Output, just pee.

Day 3, July 19 

A largely sleepless night. Very hard to regulate my body warmth with blankets. My hips and legs needed a doona, my stomach and midriff were generating their own heat, even tending to overheat so didn’t need the doona while my shoulders were cool and did need it. 

I must have had some sleep because I remember some very vivid dreams. 

Dream one – a couple of guys turned up with pump and a Wisconsin motor that wouldn’t run properly. The odd thing was that they seemed to know me but I didn’t know them, anyway they messed about with the motor and far as I knew they got it running OK. 

Dream two – I was in Canada and had just bought a car, Cadillac I think. Was driving slowly through the pedestrian area of a railway station when I stopped to pick up a box that some 9 year old girl had dropped. After returning it to her I looked around and my car had gone. Couldn’t find it anywhere so I got on the next train. Completely lost I figured I had better get off at the next station and figure out where I was. Seemed everyone I spoke to was on a tour and didn’t know where they were or where they were going. 

Dream 3 – the guys with the motor were back again, 3 of them this time. I spent time with them checking this and that but the motor just wouldn’t burst into full revs. The new guy was all for pulling the governor to bits but I pointed out that we had bypassed that and it still wouldn’t generate full power. 

When I awoke I thought about it some more and I figure the problem could be that the magneto timing should be advanced 5 degrees or so. If they come back tonight I’ll be ready for them! 

Totally weird. Is there another dimension existing alongside us? Can they see us but we can’t see them? Do we join them when we dream? 

Back to the ‘real’ world, saliva pH 6.8, pulse rate 56 though the heart seems to be thumping. Not unexpected as by now toxin removal should be quite active. This is the morning of the third day, it’s when the body figures there are no sugar intake coming in and if its going to survive it has to start making sugars out of whatever it can find, usually fat tissue. While it makes this transition one usually feels as sick as a dog (as I did on my earliest fasts) but this time, as happened on the previous fast, I feel fine. My weight has been static on 60 Kg for the past 9 months, this morning it was 58 Kg. Anyone on their first fast would have lost 10 Kg at least by now. 

Not a comfortable day, my hearing went bad again though not as bad as Day 1. Out of tune with several frequencies, everyone’s voice sounds quite odd but was able to hear TV at night. Eyesight lost its focus a little bit, just in the right eye though. This hearing thing has happened to me off and on over the past few years but day one was worst it has ever been. Scary. I take comfort from remembering that at the completion of my last 7 day fast, my hearing was better than it had been for years.

Forgot to bring my litmus paper so can’t do a pH check, took a ¼ teaspoon of Bicarb anyway. My tongue at night was pink and clean, no sign of white coating.

Drank 2 litres of water for the day.

Day 4, July 20

Really good day today, just as well as it’s a busy day. Cut 18 bunches of bananas, dehanded them and cut the dead leaves off the whole 5 acres of trees. Went to start the tractor and the battery was dead. Had to carry a large battery about 80 metres to jump start it – no problem.

Hearing was good as was the eyesight. Tongue is still clean and pink. Head will swivel from side to side effortlessly, it used to be a bit stiff.

Watched the news on TV, had to turn the volume down – too loud compared to yesterday.

Quite tired at about 8 pm and feeling a bit nauseous so headed off to bed. Soon as I put the toothbrush in my mouth I vomited. It was clear but tasted like concentrated digestive juices. Felt much better afterwards.

Have been getting up in the wee hours of the morning to pee, kidneys must be working overtime.

Pee is only slightly discoloured from clear and has absolutely no odour. This is very unusual. This far into a fast it would be normal for pee to be very discoloured and have a strong odour. I put this down to my general toxic accumulation being quite small.

Pulse rate is 52, the heart is coping with all this with ease.

A bowel movement today, first since Day 1. Most strange, it was ‘laminated’ vertically. One side was very dark, looked like molasses and had similar consistency, the other side was normal (for me) a sort of light mustard colour. For the squeamish at heart, relax, there probably won’t be another movement till the 4th day after breaking the fast, (that’s breakfast isn’t it?)

Drank 2 litres of water for the day.

Day 5, July 21

On awakening I found my right eye almost cemented shut, seems some serious work went on there during the night. Vision is good and so is the hearing.

I know it is very important to drink lots of water but I just can’t get down more than 2 litres for the day. With the vomiting last night I wonder if that is too much. The important consideration is to keep the kidneys flushed as they are probably doing most of the eliminating so I will keep the water intake to maximum and label the vomiting as overflow.

Another good day, just as well as I have 300 Kg of bananas to pack and load into the truck. After finishing the packing all is going well, there is spring in my step and my mouth is fresh but there is a faint tinge of white far back on my tongue. While not normally a spitting person, I have being spitting fairly often. Saliva builds up in my mouth and I’m not sure whether I should swallow it or get rid of it.

Took a shower tonight and noticed a strange feel to my skin prior to washing. Was not unlike a film of perspiration normally encountered after exertion during a hot day and yet it wasn’t the same. I take this to be an elimination build up of some sort.

Before bed I was a bit nauseous but there was no urge to vomit. Evening pulse rate 58.

Day 6, July 22

From past experience day 6 and onwards are not comfortable days and this one follows the trend. Energy levels are well down and everything I do is at a slower pace. This morning my tongue has a white coating though my saliva pH is good at 6.8. My upper calf muscles are a bit tight. Weight loss so far is only 4 Kg. Pulse rate was back to 52. Hearing and vision are less than really good but with low energy this is not unexpected.

I usually feel better when I am actually doing something so went out and planted a couple of trees. That didn’t help much, haven’t got the energy for digging holes.

By late evening I felt lousy, very nauseous so vomited. Took a pH reading of it and it was right off the scale on the acidic side. Took 1/3 teaspoon of Bicarb in ½ a glass of water and from then felt really good. Quite amazing to go from lousy to good in just 5 minutes.

Drank 1 3/4 litres of water for the day, I only drink rain water collected out on the farm, the pH of that is 5.8 – sad sign of the times, it should be 6.5.

Day 7, July 23 

Woke up feeling relatively good, didn’t want to get out of bed but work is always beckoning. Yesterday’s sore calf muscles are fine, vision is good, hearing OK but the left ear is popping like crazy. A total turnaround from before the fast started as then I couldn’t get it to pop at all. Doesn’t do it if I leave my mouth open and that’s not a good remedy as my mouth dries out very quickly, it tends to do that even when I keep it closed. Had to go and cut bananas again, only five bunches but handled that with relative ease. By and large this would be my best Day 7 ever. I’m inclined to put it down to keeping my stomach from getting too acidic with the Bicarb.

Tongue is lightly coated white, pulse rate was 60 but later in the evening was 54, pee is very coloured but still has no odour. Drank 1½  Litres of water.

Day 8, July 24 

Was going to break the fast today but am feeling quite good so will go another day. Morning saliva pH was 6.4, pee is very discoloured and has slight odour, pee pH was 6.0 which is surprisingly good and tongue is still lightly coated white. My left ear stopped popping for the morning but did off and on in the afternoon.

Drinking water is easier, up till now two swallows was about all I could manage at a time but today three and four are the norm. This didn’t increase my intake beyond the 1½ Litres, it merely allowed me to drink less often.

Day 9, 1st eating day, July 25

Had a troubled night in the dreaming department. It was as if my usual day to day difficulties were magnified 20 fold, was glad when morning arrived except my mouth tasted like the proverbial bottom of the birdcage, Saliva pH was still 6 and my tongue was lightly coated white. After being up for an hour the taste in my mouth reverted to normal. Still feeling quite good and if it weren’t for so many things piling up on me that need doing I would go another day.

Never forget that “Any fool can fast but one has to use some intelligence to come out of one safely.” This refers to what to eat and how much. Fruit is way and above the food of choice to break a fast. The wrong food or too much of anything will make one very very ill and can be fatal. I did eat just too much too soon when ending a prior fast but never again, I thought I was done for. Always err on the small side to the point of ridiculous. My preference is two grapes for the first meal in the morning but as they are out of season 60 grams of Pawpaw will do fine.

Had to go into town during the day and was almost overwhelmed by the stench of cigarette smoke and I made sure I never got closer to the smokers than upwind 12 feet. It was banana cutting day too but fortunately the weather had turned wet and cold so there were only 3 bunches to cut. Just didn’t have the energy for too much of that.

Almost slipped and fell and in regaining my balance I threw my left arm backwards and immediately felt an intense red hot burning sensation between low on the shoulder blade across to my arm. Like nothing I have ever felt before. Another minor slip an hour or so later and the same thing happened again. On and off the rest of the day I could feel its presence but without the burning, almost like it was a pulled muscle except not quite the same. By moving my arm every which way I could not find a position where I could induce the burning sensation.

Weight loss is still barely 5 Kg, saliva pH is steady around 6.6, pee is very dark with little odour and my pulse rate is down to 49. Would not normally have an evening meal on the first day of breaking a fast but Pawpaw practically dissolves to liquid so ‘pigged out’ on another 50 grams. Barely a litre of water for the day.

Day 10, 2nd eating day, July 26

Not a good night, I just couldn’t get to sleep. Tossed and turned what seemed to be all night. Seemed to be a burning spot in the middle of my tongue and it was still there when I got up. A pH check revealed a reading of 5.8 and there was a solid white coating on my tongue so took some Bicarb before a breakfast of 100 grams of Pawpaw. Had a busy day on top of which I had to set up an electric fence around the orchard to keep out a wild pig who was not only eating the citrus but smashing down the trees in the process. Never got tired all day in spite of no sleep.

In the evening I had a generous portion of Pawpaw, about 250 grams and 50 grams of custard apple, could really feel the sugars and energy hit the system from the latter. Pulse rate 54, pee very discoloured but largely odourless, drank ¾ of a litre of water but can drink larger amounts at a time now.

Day 11, 3rd eating day, July 27

Weather turned really cold during the night, 9 degrees Centigrade, yeah well, its cold for us tropical types. Couldn’t get to sleep and couldn’t get totally warm, not enough internal energy I guess, so turned on a heater to warm the room and finally, warmth and sleep.

Breakfast was 2 small custard apples and because it was so cold I followed this with 2 macadamia nuts. Nuts contain phosphate which when ingested will generate heat. These nuts weren’t out of a packet, commercially ruined with the taste of chalk, these were off the ground from under the tree, full of moisture and sweet tasting like fresh coconut. Quite an energy rush from them.

One of the joys of fasting is the experience of eating again in the first few days. Because one must eat tiny amounts, one tries to make the ‘meal’ last as long as possible by taking very small bites, slowly chewing them down to minute fragments (which gets the food totally salivated), savouring every tiny morsel and enjoying the flow of energy that emanates from it. By contrast, all too often regular eating is about gulping down as much bulk as possible in the shortest time to make the stomach ‘feel full’.

Lunch was 2 small black sapotes, 150 grams of Pawpaw and a couple more Macs. Evening meal saw me finish off the Pawpaw and start another one. Found a ripe Jack Fruit on a tree and ate a couple of seed capsules out of it, they were really nice. Took a Brix reading and it went a whopping 28%, no wonder it tasted good. My Custard Apples have been going 25 ½ %. Anything over 22 is usually really good fruit.

Coming out of a fast is always an intriguing experience, more often than not it changes what one is inclined to eat. Have never been a big fan of Avocados but now I am. Ate 2 this evening and I have never eaten that many in one day ever before, usually half a one so long as its creamy and not stringy and I’ve had enough. A lot of Avocados on the trees this year, can’t wait for more to ripen, picked a dozen and put them in a warm place.

Pulse rate 52, pee losing its discolouration, weight loss since I started now 7 Kg, probably won’t fall further.

Day 12, 4th eating day July 28

Another cold night but managed to get through it without using a heater. Starting to feel like eating like a horse but will keep the reins tight for a couple more days yet.

On awakening birdcage mouth was back, saliva pH 5.6 so ¼ teaspoon of bicarb was my start to the day, closely followed by Pawpaw, Jackfruit, Black Sapote and a couple of Pecans. Again, not dry powdery and tasteless out of a packet, but picked from a tree two weeks ago, cracked this morning, delicious and energising.

My aim is to go as long as possible on my own grown fruit. The cold spell has stopped fruit ripening on the tree, a vitally important factor for highest quality fruit. The weather is a couple of degrees warmer today and no cold wind so this should improve. Organising a steady supply of ready to eat fruit without buying it presents a unique set of problems, one becomes intimately suseptable to climatic conditions and constantly aware of the conditon of one's fruit trees. Pawpaws were to have been my main diet after the fast but they have stopped ripening, have only half of one left. Black sapotes are all eaten, Jackfruit is lasting well and do have another. Out of Custard apples but plenty coming on, same with Avocados. I grow bananas commercially so have an endless supply of them all year. Didn’t want to eat them yet as they are slightly mucus forming as I have only just finished cleaning that out of my body. I have citrus in generous quantity and variety, again I would prefer to minimise citrus intake for now. Did have one Nova mandarin today, brix number was 14, syrup in segments, just magnificent. Even found a couple of Natal Plums, brix number 22, very nice but what a strange flavour.

Very busy day today, handled it with ease as energy levels are getting back near normal.

Day 13, July 29, 5th eating day – eating normally as of today.

Only noteworthy events will be related from now on so maybe only a line or two will be added each day.

Eating quantity is limited by availability of ripe fruit. Oranges, mandarins, pecans and macadamias are ready to pick and eat 'on call' but Jack Fruit, Black Sapote, custard apples and avocado need some forward planning before being ripe enough to eat.  Had first bowel motion since the one a week ago, always reassuring so see the body getting back to normal function. Motions should occur on a daily basis from now on though not unusual to miss a day occasionally at this stage.

Day 14, Knuckle is getting tender, can’t figure whether its too many oranges or too many nuts.

Day 15, I have been checking the pH of my saliva every couple of days or so, usually finding it acidic so am taking Bicarb of Soda quite often. I am getting to the point where I can tell by the taste in my mouth whether my saliva will be acidic or not.

Day 16, Weather has turned very cold so am eating too many pecans which may add to my knuckle’s woes. When so cold it is extra difficult to organise to have fruit ripe for next meal let alone next day. Finished the last of the Jack Fruit and black sapote.

Day 17, The humble orange is by and large almost a complete food fruit (if grown in the right conditions of course) and seeing that I have a good crop this year, today is be the first day of a diet comprising 90% oranges. We’ll see how my knuckle likes that. There is a lot to be said for a mono diet. Apart from man, every creature on the planet eats the one thing for a meal, whatever is available from nature on that day. If man lived in the wild he would have to as well. Imagine how much easier it would be on our digestive system if it didn’t have to extract the sugars from a green pea if it weren’t mixed with steak, animal fats, canola oil, fish, hot chillies, pasta, French dressing or whatever.

Day 18, Now eating about 15 oranges a day, a bit concerned that so many oranges might make my knuckle worse but it seems easier though not bending more yet. Quite surprised how well my body adapted to oranges, I enjoy them more now than I ever have.

Day 19, Very cold night, ph low so took bicarb. My errant shoulder blade muscle is still niggling, I’m starting to wonder if it’s a melanoma, there’s no outward sign on the skin but I figure they grow below the skin before they make an appearance on the surface. Decided to put some Cansema ointment on the spot where it is tender. Cansema will vigorously go to work and dig out any melanoma, roots and all, if one is present and do nothing if one isn’t.

Day 20, Feeling quite bright this morning, morning saliva ph 5.5. When fasting this was usually above 6.0. Now that I am living on oranges I find I don’t drink anything at all. In spite of this, the volume I pee per day far exceeds my usual volume before the fast ????

Day 21, Weather very cold. Out of oranges so went to the farm and picked 30 Kg of Navels. That will last me 2 weeks. A mono diet of oranges is in fact a very effective cleansing diet.

Day 22, Saliva pH very low, took bicarb. Half an hour later it was only 5.6 so took some more. Worked late in the office, had to force myself to go to bed at midnight, just no tiredness at all.

Day 23, As usual, up at 2 am to pee and then again at 7 am. Hard to believe so much volume when I haven’t had anything to drink for an entire week. Feeling really good today, plenty of energy. Managing to get a steady flow of ready to eat avocados, custard apples along with the oranges and mandarins plus the occasional Kumquat and black sapote. Still eating too many macadamias and pecans – hard not to eat them when its cold and they are so delicious fresh harvested. Checked my niggling shoulder muscle and no sign of activity by the Cansema so it isn’t a melanoma.

Day 24, Warmer today at 17 degrees C, plenty of zing in the system and feel very aware, just great reverse parking without difficulty, head pivots to the right more than ever did before and effortlessly and right knee back to the same size as the left. Two custard apples ripened today, can really feel energy flow from these. Did a chin up today, first time since before the fast. Weight has recovered barely 2 Kg. Normally wear singlet, shirt and 2 sweaters but had occasion to need to be bare to the waist for half an hour and didn’t feel cold at all. Had birds attack my Ellandale mandarin so at dusk had to erect a birdmesh tent over the tree in the drizzling rain. I got half wet thru but didn't feel cold. Pulse 64 which indicates I am still in elimination mode. Short term memory is better as in remembering phone numbers etc. Because we lose our abilities very slowly, we don’t notice they are going. We only realise it when they really go or when they suddenly come back. It matters not what you do (exercise, meditate or massage) or what you eat, it seems that a 7 day fast once or twice a year is vitally important – it’s like pressing the body’s reset button.

Day 25, Cold wet miserable day but feeling really well, energetic and alert. Have not had anything to drink for three days, have no desire to do so. Grazed my bare leg against a metal container and no skin came off. Before the fast and without chicken in my diet, had this happened I would have lost a big chunk for sure.

Day 26, Weight still a couple of Kg short from before the fast started, has been static for a week so I guess it will stay there while I continue mainly on oranges.

Day 27, Last night was very cold, kept waking up as I wasn’t keeping warm enough. During the day it was 14 degrees C but I coped with that OK. Glad I’m not fasting now. This evening I was wide awake at 11.30 but went to bed then anyway.

Day 28, Woke before dawn with itching top side of my elbows. Got up to wash them, found a rash so scrubbed them clean, went back to bed and slept OK. In the morning there was hardly any rash and they weren’t ichy. Saliva very acid this morning so took bicarb.

Day 29, While watching TV about 7 pm I noticed I was itchy across the stomach and top side of upper thighs. The rash was back, most strange as the stomach rash was above the navel whereas below the navel to the top of the thigh there was no rash at all. The elbow rash was back too but not as bad as last night. Had a hot shower with emphasis on cleaning where the rash was. The itching stopped and had a good nights sleep without getting up for a pee as I have been doing more often than not.

Day 30, The sun finally shone through, first time for a couple of weeks. Makes outdoor work so much more pleasant. Still struggling to get enough fruit to ripen to fulfil my needs. As a result I eat too many nuts. My knuckle is about back where it was before the fast began, is it the citrus or is it the nuts, that is the question? Yesterdays rash did not return, I wonder what was being eliminated through my skin.

Day 31, Pee pattern has changed these past few days and now it has some discolouration. Will try and drink some water to increase the flow. I don’t pee anywhere near the quantity as earlier and there is no need to get up in the night. This change occurred immediately after the rash – hmmm. Managed to drink 2 glasses of water for the day!

Day 32, Back to the 1.30 am pee schedule, volume is substantial, hard to believe it was barely 3 hours since the last one.

Day 33, Ditto as day 32 in spite of drinking no water at all – or any other liquid. Obviously it is the large intake of oranges that makes it happen. Weight still 2 Kg from my start weight.

Day 34, Had a slight headache most of day and into the night. Also was tired in the evening – most unusual, normally I have to force myself to go to bed.

Day 35, Awoke still with the headache, tried a bit of self chiropractic and did get click out of my neck, shortly afterward headache disappeared. But now neck is very tight to turn left or right as  before fasting. Up at 1 am to pee. Strange, in the wee hours of the morning the volume is very large. If I’m not forced up and I make it to the normal morning pee, the volume then is no where near that of an early morning one.

Day 36, Neck starting to free up, left turn is about OK but right turn is tight still. Main staple still oranges with avocados as can get them to ripen, custard apples a plenty, occasional mandarins with a few Macadamias and the occasional banana. Sweet Indian limes are dropping from the tree but how can they be called ‘sweet’?? Kumquats nice but bit early yet.

Day 37, My neck is now tight when my head turns left but its OK when I turn right. It eventually came back to good both ways. There wasn't anything much of interest to report over the next several days. Commentary will resume if and when  events of interest occur.

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July 25, Hey there Malcolm,

Excited to see another Fruitarian thriving out there, I thought I'd drop a
line. I found your website from your posting on Suvine's page. I'm a new
fruitarian myself and initially visited her site for info on how to be a
fruitarian healthily and now just read it because she leads a pretty
interesting life. Sooo, anyway I stumbled onto your web address in her
comment section and thought I'd check it out. (I have a voracious appetite
for information and thought that I'd see how another fruitarian lived)

Your water fasting diary really interests me. As of yesterday I have been
on my first water fast. I am finding that it is extremely easy to do and
aside from my husband's exclamation that I'm crazy for doing this it has
been without event. I have to say that reading your diary has been
inspiring for me. Today I have started to think about a food a bit and in
my head I am already rationalizing why it would be alright to go ahead and
stop now. My plan is to fast for five days, and then on the fifth day to
do an assessment and decide if I would like to go further or not. Five
days seems like such an insignificant amount of time in the grand scheme
of things. I'm sure that I can do it.
Thank you for posting a diary of your fasting experience. I am looking
forward to reading about how it turns out.


Hello Rebecca, 

Always wonderful to hear from like minded people and share experiences. Any time you have a query feel free to drop me an email. I don't have all the answers but I have been there and done that on a very wide scale.


If you are into your first day of your first fast, it may be a bit premature to claim that it is easy! Let's see what you think after the morning of the third day.


I note one of Suvine's commenter's claimed that he managed to be a fruitarian for 12 days before giving it up. What a joke. It takes 6 months for the body to make adjustments and a further 6 months for the benefits to really shine through. This is an all or nothing deal, if one was truly fruitarian for a couple of months, then weakened and had a slice of toast, it will take the body a month to reverse the damage from the toast.

When fasting beware the influence of friends and relatives (and husbands). You will lose weight and look terrible, they will be most concerned and urge you to give it up. Fasting is as much mental as it is physical and the last thing you need is mental conflicts. Tell them to be helpful and supportive or stay away. Note that all the Biblical fasters went on their own out in a desert to fast.

  July 30, Hi Malcolm,
I have to say that the fast itself was a success but alas I wasn't strong enough to last the entire 5 days. As I said before the first few days were easy. On the third day I got all of the weird detox symptoms people had talked about. I had a lot of trouble with muscle coordination, my ears were ringing on and off all day and I just wanted to sleep. On the fourth day the symptoms had decreased to manageable level, but I was just soooo tired. On the fifth day I was ravenously hungry. From everything I had read the hunger was supposed to disappear after a few days, and I think my body went in reverse. It was easy to not eat for the first few days but by the fourth I could feel it coming back and then on the fifth it hit with a vengeance. I finally gave in to the hunger and broke my fast with a glass of watermelon juice. I have to say that that was the best glass of juice that I have ever had in my life :-) On Saturday I had a smoothie of banana and mango for breakfast, watermelon chunks for lunch and black plums for dinner. Yesterday was more of the same except for a snack which consisted of a cherry Larabar (raw cherries, dates and almonds). Looking back I think that if I had taken the week of from work I may have succeeded in lasting the entire five days. I think that the having to deal with the stress of raising my daughter, commuting into the city and preparing the house for guests over the weekend was a bit too much activity for a fast. Luckily I have a desk job so the I was not on feet all day long, but just the stress of work itself was almost too much to bear. As it is I feel that I did accomplish a bit of cleaning. My skin and eyes are both brighter and clearer than they have been in a very long time. My sense of smell seems to a bit sharper. Overall I think that it was a success. I would like to try it again in a couple of months. I think that maybe if I do a few five day fasts a year it might be an excellent form of preventive care for myself. I'm fast approaching middle-age and don't want to fall victim to all of the diseases of excess the other women in my family suffer from. I'm interested in hearing how you deal with stress during a fast. I noticed in your diary that you said you went out to cut bananas and work outside while fasting. Do you notice your tolerance level for things to be short while on a fast? I found that the smallest things irritated me to no end. Being on the subway was too much to bear at times. Do you exercise? I went jogging for a mile or so on day 2 and didn't notice any ill effects other than a bit of weakness. Thank you for asking how it went. Although I'm sure my long-winded answer was more than you bargained for. ;-)

Hi Becca,
Not a long winded reply at all, just wonderful to hear how it went. Being your first fast and you went to work, travelled on the subway, prepared for guests - you gotta be crazy!!!!!
Fasting is a mental as well as physical thing - probably more so mental. The LAST thing you need is to be surrounded by people, even worse, to have to talk to people. You will know that by now. Pleased that you 'survived' the 'ordeal' and are looking forward to another fast. Pleased also that you can see the benefits from it. The sense of smell is usually appreciably enhanced.
A couple of important things you didn't relate - weight before and after, pulse rate before, during and after. The amount of weight lost is a factor in when you might fast next but I guess you wouldn't have lost too much in 4 days. As to your apparent hunger on day 5, next time just drink more and more water till it goes away. Dilute that hydrochloric acid in your stomach. Yes, being irritated over next to nothing would be normal. Minimising your outside influences lets you be at peace to cope with this. I get plenty of excersize doing my normal day to day work so don't persue other activities. I probably walk about 5 miles every weekend tending the banana patch.
Some people are runners and some are not, those who are not should not take up jogging. Walking is good for everyone. Finally, what you ate coming out was bordering on too much. Had you fasted for 7 days you would not have got away with that. Eating too much is an experience I wouldn't wish on anyone. I take it that a Larabar is a bought/manufactured product? Stick with natural raw fruit for at least 4 days. I would like to add your emails to a comments section on my fasting page if that's OK by you. Just to let others see that it's not so difficult. Cheers Malcolm

You know, I had the feeling that I was eating too much coming off the fast but it was extremely hard to control once I started eating. I think that my body went into some sort of state were it wanted to store up calories against future fasting or something.

As for the weight loss, I have to say that I don't think I lost a lot at all. I have banned scales from our house because I think peoples' preoccupation with the numbers isn't healthy, so there isn't any way to compare. Our philosophy is that if the clothes start getting tight then it's time to exercise more. I did notice however that my stomach is little sleeker and the saddlebags are gone from my hips. I didn't take my pulse and honestly hadn't even thought to monitor it. I would get really winded climbing stairs or moving to quickly, which I heard was normal. I guess that would be something to note for the next fast.
How very blessed you are to have a banana patch. There are always bananas in our house and I often think how much simpler it would be to just grow them ourselves. We are in the process of buying some property with land so we can have some apple, cherry and pear trees. Unfortunately in this part of the world I am pretty restricted on the types of fruits I can grow but it will still be satisfying to just have those. I can't wait to walk out my front door and have fresh fruit hanging there for the taking. It's wonderful to be able to talk to someone about all of this. The people in my immediate circle still think I am a bit strange for fasting or being a fruitarian. Some have taken to teasing me, saying that soon I will exist only on air. It's all in jest but I do wish they could understand how much sense it makes to live this way. Feel free to post my fasting info on your page. Have a great day! Becca


I have just realised that five months have slipped quietly past since my fast so its well and truly time to weigh up whether it was worth the effort or not.

To begin I will mention that a most fortunate event of my life was to meet up with one Rex Peterson now retired, iridologist extraordinaire, a truly gifted person in that field. For example, I was present one day when he viewed the iris of a 60 year old woman and he commented that she almost died when she was four and it had something to do with water. With amazement, the lady replied that yes indeed she nearly drowned at age four when she fell into an irrigation ditch.

In my case he saw the reaction from a heavy infusion of dairy products when I was 5 years old. Yup, that’s when my dad bought a dairy farm. During one of my many visits to Rex over 30 years I recall him saying that wherever acidity built up in the body, the corresponding part of the iris would whiten. If this condition did not change over time, then the acidic condition would become toxic, the iris reflecting this by turning orange then brown. If the toxic condition persisted long enough the next step would be cells starting to die off, the iris reflecting this by turning black – not a good sign if the area related to an essential organ.

 Of course this acidity, toxicity, cell death cycle, which can take many years, is almost solely the result of diet but environment has some influence as well. Not surprisingly the stomach area of the iris, encircling the pupil, is a most popular site for the cycle to get started. Very few people do not have a grey/white ring around their pupil, many already have an orange ring. But enough of the iridology, just remember that your friend with the steely grey eyes is full of acid and destined for years of ill health as massed toxicity will eventually take over.

We are alkaline beings and while fluctuations from alkalinity to acidity is normal, prolonged accumulations of acidity is our number one enemy. All of our ill health minor to major can be traced back to acidity. Cancer thrives in acid conditions, in fact it just can not exist in an alkaline environment. Even the humble massage is about breaking up pockets of acidity in muscles, if you are lucky the acid goes to an eliminatory organ, if not so lucky it will return later or congregate somewhere else. There are all manner of alternative therapies that do wonderful things for innumerable ailments but at the end of the day all they are doing is dislodging acidity/toxicity in anticipation that it will disappear via an eliminatory organ.

 When it comes to acid removal there are far more appreciable benefits from a seven day fast than there are from 50 Reiki treatments, I’ve experienced both. Unbelievable as it may sound, in similar fashion, one week fasting does wonders for neck or back aches and pains, far more effective than 50 weekly visits to a chiropractor – I’ve been there too many years ago. Our vertebrae are held in place by opposing muscles, when acid builds up in a muscle on one side it tightens up and never relaxes. When the corresponding muscle on the other side relaxes the acidic muscle is still tensed enough to pull the vertebrae out of place, even to the point of  pinching a nerve in the process. Fast, get rid of the acid, the muscles get to contract and relax equally and the vertebrae shift back into place without any external intervention.

As a result of my interest in soil analysis, essential to make crops grow nutritionally dense, I also became interested in hair analysis which effectively discloses the quantity of minerals present in the hair over the period of time it took the hair to grow. It follows that whatever is present in the hair will also be found in similar ratio in just about all other cells of the body. Imagine a pool of water, drip one drop of oil onto its surface. It very quickly spreads itself thinly over the entire surface. Scoop the oil from one area of the pool and remove it. The remaining film covers it again by making itself thinner. In similar principle the body spreads available minerals, good bad or otherwise, around all its cells.

Because of the nature of my work, making bullets, I shall relate my history of lead concentrations in various hair analysis results. About a year before this fast everyone working here had their hair analysed. Everyone had elevated levels of lead, Brad who handled it almost every day topped the list at 0.84 ppm, mine was 0.78 ppm, almost as high though my actual physical contact with it was not that frequent. Bear in mind that less than 0.05 is in the acceptable level range. We both took Sun Chlorella tablets and after 4 months another hair analysis revealed Brads level had reduced to 0.3 and mine was 0.19. Conventional wisdom has it that lead levels cannot be reduced, they only accumulate – Ho Hum.

 At this point I stopped taking Chlorella tablets and went on a program of foot bath detox and far infra red saunas. The hair analysis after this showed lead levels at 0.22 ppm, slightly on the rise.

 This is where the fast started. My expectation was that lead would be removed big time and there would be no further need for Chlorella. Ah well, they say life is full of surprises, my lead level rose significantly to 0.29 ppm, up 30%. Not only that, many other heavy metals associated with bullets – tin, antimony (five fold), iron, also increased markedly as did rubidium (four fold – no idea where that came from). Needless to say, I have been on a steady diet of Chlorella ever since. Some elements came down, Molybdenum and Mercury reduced by 50% but most were up which wasn’t always bad, Selenium increased up to the optimum level. In all previous hair analyses my metabolic type was Slow 2 or Slow 4, this time it changed to Fast 1.

 So what happened? I can only speculate from here on.

It is well known that plants absorb many of their nutrients and minerals from the air, nitrogen for example, as air is mostly nitrogen. Then there is the seemingly outlandish claim that a few rare humans were ‘breatharians’, people who never ate and somehow got their nutrients from air. Barbara Moore who became famous for walking across the USA eating nothing else but the grass beside the road, was supposed to have 'upgraded’ to this state.

I tend to conclude that the body absorbs nutrients and minerals from the air via the lungs and through the skin. It seems likely that bars of lead that I have stacked around, are constantly giving off ions of lead to the atmosphere. In a normal eating state, perhaps the body doesn’t try as hard to vacuum up all and sundry ions from the air as it seems to when fasting. That we ingest particles that are atomically small as part of our nutrient uptake beneficial or otherwise is hardly unique, after all there are whales that live only on plankton, creatures so small they can hardly be seen.

This provides another reason why our biblical heros went out in the desert to fast, not just to get away from people but also to get away from pollution and why monks of yesteryear built their monasteries high in the mountains of desolate places.

The lesson for us all is that we are sponges and we absorb from our environment. By disregarding what we do to our environment is to directly abuse our own state of health. Live next to an industrial estate and expect to be full of heavy metals and who knows what else. While the influence is lessened the further away from the source we are, we can’t avoid it completely. For example, pollutants generated uniquely in Chicago USA have been found in people in Columbia Sth America.

Our health is our own resposibility, if you think the medical system will able to supply you with heart valves, kidneys, knee joints and other various parts as required in your latter years you will be sadly mistaken. In the not too distant future the demands of the rapidly esculating proportion of senior citizens and their increasing needs for complex care will be impossible to meet.

My conclusion is that the only way to be healthy and stay healthy is to make fruit the majority of ones diet and fast for 7 days at least twice a year.

Enough of the theorising, bottom line is how many of my pre fast problems went away and stayed away.

Hearing – improved and ears will pop on demand.
Vision – still improved but was slightly better earlier on.
Right knee – no problem, same size as the left knee.
Knuckle on left hand – gone back to where it was so no improvement.
Neck and head pivoting – turning left is fine but turning right has tightened up.
Headaches – quite rare now, not severe and only of short duration.
Tiredness now sets in at the end of the day and I seem to need 8 to 9 hours sleep each night.

A longer than 7 days fast is called for and later this month, December, it will happen. What better way to spend Christmas – rejuvenating the body rather than bombarding it with every conceivable acidic/toxic gastronomic delight. I expect copy cats will be few and far between.

I will take notes but unless there are momentous differences from the last one, I probably won’t write it up.

July 2009. OK, it has been a few years since I wrote this up and because it hasn't ever been updated no doubt many readers will have concluded that with this wacky eating/non-eating regime, I obviously would have passed away. Not so, in fact it gets more unconventional as time goes bye. Where I am headed I haven't the faintest idea, I am 'going with the flow' as my body leads me.

I can hardly believe it myself but currently I eat for six weeks then fast for one. I am about to fast for the 3rd time following this cycle. A fast for me is just so easy now though I am curious how this one will be as it is mid winter and fasting up till now, has meant a lessened ability to keep body warmth normal.

Interestingly, on body weight, I have been 60 Kg for the past several years. The past two fasts resulted in a loss of 7 Kg over the 7 days and the weight returned to 60 Kg within 12 days, not only that, it has kept increasing after that time and I reach 64 Kg before the next fast starts. 

Do you get the impression that 'we' eat too much? A thought provoking article coming up about our poor quality conventional 'fresh' foods and their contribution to obesity.

But there's more !! It is now 2011 and here is the latest, I can hardly believe it myself.

Jan  2011

Fasted 4 days to get rid of sore left knee since spending all day squatting, weeding watermelons in Dec.

Knee got better during the fast but soon reverted back to sore and unable to squat. 

March 2011

Fasted 5 days this time as finger joints were getting sore too. Fixed the knee permanently this time. Bad time was morning of 2nd day, midriff heated up, otherwise very easy. Vision not good and hearing diminished. 

April 2011

No supply of good food, ate too many nuts and bought grapes so finger joints got bad again real quick. Really got worse after a pot of cottage cheese which I knew I shouldn't have eaten. Morning of 2nd day only 10 minutes of midriff heating. 10 minutes of central vision lost from a brightish spot seen whether eyes open or closed, then gone, a macular event - healing or deteriorating? 

May 2011

Hand joints sore again but knee OK. Fasted 6 ½ days, easy. No vomiting, just spitting and ear popping. In the latter mornings bright areas in the macula, once a large irregular shaped intense powder blue with red outer. Sometimes a yellow blob, sometimes a red tangle of threads, never lasted more than 5 minutes. After the fast was able to focus on faint stars that would usually vanish after spotting them out of the corner of my eye. Vision and hearing are generally good again. Food quality not good this year because of the prolonged wet, sugars have only partially formed. Everything hasn’t ripened properly, Macadamias generally are bland but the ones from my Webster Rd property are good. 

The correlation between climate, fruit and pH is interesting.  2011 had a very prolonged wet season, the effect on fruit was for the sugars to not form properly resulting in the Brix numbers being significantly lower. This made them acidic, the effect of eating them was for saliva to be very acidic most of the time, hugely so overnight. Fruit (Macs and bought fruit like pears, dates and golden honey dew) with some sugars raised the saliva pH while eating but went back acidic soon as stopped. Fruit with high sugar would leave lasting Alkalinity. My oranges this month had a brix of 10 -13 instead of 15 – 18 even though they would ‘fall’ off the tree. Jackfruit doesn’t ripen properly, crunchy around the seed, colour pale, orangey bits are OK. The lemonades go brown then bad on the tree. Imperial Mandarins Brix 9 but not ready yet. 

June  2011

Acid buildup again, see above. Fasting is so easy now, no discomfort at all, day 5 and hardly down on energy. No ear popping, no vomiting, no burning up and very little spitting. Saliva pH 6.9. Only one macular event, smallish yellow. 

July 2011

Ditto on the 6/11, again only one very short macular event except smallish white with a bluish outline and very bright. The cold weather is no discomfort as I thought it might have been. I lose about 7 to 8 Kg for the week but have put it back again before the next fast. I start my fasts on the first Wed of a month otherwise I can’t remember or figure out how many days I’ve been on it. Oranges much better now that weather is dry and cold. 

At the rate I am going there will be 12 weeks of this year where I have not eaten anything, that's almost 3 months, I can hardy believe it myself. I feel really well, obviously or I wouldn't be doing it. Did a 50 metre sprint slightly uphill tonight,4 days into the fast, went quickly inside to take a blood pressure and pulse test, Systolic was 153, Diastolic 49 and pulse rate 61. After 10 minutes Sys was 118, Dia 62 and pulse was 50. In my normal eating times my Sys is usually 105 and pulse is in the 40s. From that it would seem that I am not doing myself harm and conventional wisdom to the contrary is seriously flawed.

August 2012

Just a quick update to say that it is nearly 2 years now since I started fasting for one week every month. Nothing untoward has happened and there is no overall weight loss since I started. I lose 8 to 10 Kg during the fasting week and I put 5 Kg back on in the first 2 days of eating and the rest is back on by the 10th day of eating. I fast for longer now, usually 8 days, sometimes 9. Not drinking so much water now, usually about 4 litres for the entire week!

8/12 Everywhere there is plenty of emphasis on eating, what to, how to etc. but no one wants to talk about 'waste disposal' i.e., to put it bluntly, crapping. This is a vital function and rarely written up, fasting reveals many and varied facets of this. The following will include some 'tell it as it is' instances so if you, the reader, are at all squeamish or disgusted on this subject, then don't read on.

Prior to August fast ate plenty of citrus but not good quality. My own grown oranges are great but not up to usual standard. Almost everything ends with me feeling unsatisfied. Vision went off and in last week left hand 3rd finger got very sore, seemed to be the inside tendon. Right hand fingers stiff. (Note – didn't realise it at the time but all this was the forerunner of fluoride poisoning and the impending symptoms of Sjorgens syndrome - Dry Mouth) Missed crap day before starting fast, day 1 still no crap. Big mistake

Day 1. 3rd finger much improved by days end.

Day 2 Very cold night, early morning more so but woke with burning midriff, seemed to be diaphragm area more than stomach.

Day 4 Finger good. Tend to be tired.

Day 5 More tired

Day 6 Even more

Day 7 really had to drag myself around. No macular events, no ear popping, just induced vomiting last 3 days and spitting.

Day 8/1 Constipation like never before, Wanted to go but no go, couldn't get more than a cupful of water in with an enema. Finished up breaking up and digging out the knobbly stool. Oh the relief. Enema that night went OK, felt really good afterward.

9/12 Started late Aug. Easy fast, went 8 ½ days. Constipation almost as bad as previous.

9/12 (26th) 3 weeks since last fast, body says to fast. Bad acid accumulation, Left foot 2nd toe joint swollen, left hand knuckle too but not so bad as other times, right knee cartilage sore and swollen – won’t bend.
Day 3 All the above spectacularly better already. Acid build up in right jaw hinge then teeth don’t match, left side contacts first.

Went 11 days, easy, could have gone on but lure of good fruit piling up gets too much. Everything OK except left foot not quit normal. No macular, no ear popping. Started using ionized water with pH 8, stirring things up?

10/12 20th Had to fast. Went downhill quick. Fruit scarce had to buy some – terrible. Even ate roast potatoes, big mistake, serious energy decline. Left foot worse than ever been, inflamed whole foot and some ankle, some days could hardly walk on it. Knee worse than ever too, very swollen, won’t bend, strange that one day bad, next day quite good. Left hand knuckle lasted reasonably good. Vision generally poor. Day 1 crapped, day 2 also. Sense of smell quite acute. Knee greatly improved left foot some – swelling reduced.

Day 8 and going strong. Left foot is bitterly resisting but at least it isn't painful to squeeze, swelling gone except for 2nd toe joint. Low and behold I have some hearing in my right ear, haven't had that for 40 years after a water ski misadventure at high speed. Always figured I must have burst the ear drum.

Energy levels good, feeling good, no hint of a desire to eat. Spitting much less than usual, ear popping minimal, enema on day 6, another tomorrow. Blood pressure has been 130,68,41 (indicates salt elimination)118,60,44, today 110, 60, 51 vision good but near not so. Knee nearly normal, just a bit stiff, bends normally. Left hand knuckle best its been for many years. Pee is coloured, slight odour.

Day 12 On fasting I read that "Sylvester Graham thought that the preferred depositary was the fatty tissues. It is now well known that toxins of all types; self-generated, heavy metals, pesticides, are stored in numerous tissues of the body, including the bones. Some are known to accumulate in the liver, kidneys and glands. It is amazing what may be expelled from the body while fasting, a variety of substances are excreted and eliminated through many different channels, but especially the liver. Large quantities of abnormal bile are often discharged into the duodenum, some of it may regurgitate to the stomach and there is subsequent vomiting. Sometimes there is diahorrea with the discharge of large quantities of fetid matter."

That's what I've had in the 18 months of 7 day fasting but no hint of it in this one, must be that my liver has cleaned up. My spitting is only 1/4 the frequency that it has been.

Here's an odd one. For two days only after I drank water I would get this intensely metallic/salty taste in my mouth. Been spreading fertilizer and thought I must have some of it on my lips. Washed my face before drinking, poured clean water into a clean glass, drank it and within 20 seconds mouth was salty. Came from lower front teeth and right side rear upper teeth, I guess from the gums around those teeth. Like that for several days and more teeth involved.

No getting up in the night to pee, enema takes 2 litres easy, can walk around with it for a few minutes, expels less it would seem. Expelled water is almost black, takes 2 or 3 flushes to clear. Energy good, vision good though close up not so, left foot comfortable though some swelling still there, knee is great, left knuckle some tenderness.

Day 16, Still easy and comfortable, left foot coming really good.

Day 18. Ended, could have gone on but nectarines starting to drop. All fruit tastes sour to some degree. Brix is high but pH of juice is low. Leaves a very irritating to burning sensation in mouth, low pH is worst in peaches, plums 5.5, highest 6.2 is best in nectarines, white sapote. Flat China peach inedible, bitter and sour.

Weak at the knees, no energy, big desire for chicken so had one. Much better afterward, strength back in knees but generally still weak, not feeling as good as during last week of fast. Over several days had 3 chickens total, messed up digestion, crap turned black almost, needed toilet paper, both feet and ankles swelled for 2 days then back to normal, left foot really sore. Off chicken into nectarines to ready for new fast. Crap finally turned light brown/yellow. Left foot deteriorated badly, sore to walk on. Vision poor especially close up. Knee and knuckle all good.

OK, so I am a self proclaimed fruitarian, what am I doing eating chicken, am I an hypocrite of the worst kind? To be totally dogmatic can probably be a mistake. The only fruit with high enough quality for me to survive on totally is what I grow myself and from a couple of other local sources who are doing the right thing agronomically. But there are times when there is no fruit from these sources. Previous paragraph mentioned big desire for chicken. From my years long fasting regime I have successfully removed any desire for the non-fruitarian foods from my memory banks so this desire was a complete surprise, I figure my body was indeed needing it and some benefit came from it along with the detriments. This was bourne out by a point soon being reached where I couldn't stand the sight or smell of chicken, let alone eat it, seemingly the body had got what it needed and moved on. 

11/12 22nd new fast. Day 1 didn’t feel too good, crapped twice, turned toward black/green.

Day 2 much better. Left foot improved, swelling down already.

Day 3 had an enema, 1 litre to start which cleared the knobbles, then 2 litres and held no trouble, blackish when expelled.

Day 5 a bitch. Energy down but not too bad. Vision as poor as it has ever been. Difficult to detect if banana bunches have yellow ones on them. Struggle to watch TV, near objects almost impossible to focus on, reading out of the question. A few macula events. Couldn’t hear Countdown participants on TV. Scary.

Day 6 a transformation, vision and hearing vastly improved. Could hear countdown quite well and no trouble with seeing any yellow bananas. Energy better too. Left foot no pain even to squeeze, swelling minimal best it has been for years. Amazing how in one day the body can go from really bad to really good.

Day 8 Lot of macular events, yellows blues lilacs reds but no triangular silver flashing bits. None lasted very long. Left foot only slight swelling, can see toe tendons on top of foot, first time for a couple of years.
Day 9 enema expelling very black water. No dry mouth this time as I had badly last 3 fasts. BP 96,57,55.
Day 12 Left foot only very slight swelling remains, toe tendons clearly visible. With headphones can hear TV in right ear, amazing. BP 103, 60, 50.

Day 13 Ended fast 4 pm. Getting staggery and short term memory very bad. Bad leg and foot cramps that night, woke every hour to the minute, had to walk around to relieve it. While up ate some fruit. Come morning crapped, dark green to black, soft, no hint of constipation. Feeling much better coming out of this fast.

Progressed well, energy came back better but first hint of toxin intake went straight to left foot, soon swelled up, got very sore. Been eating some roast chicken as what is worse – bought fruit? vegs? Seedless Watermelon is horrible.

Crapped up to six times some days and virtually never need toilet paper. Vision reasonable but close up not too good. Both feet and ankles swelled up, left foot worst of all. Stayed swollen for 3-4 days this time.

Dec 15, S'market fruit got a lot better or so it looked, big black peaches juicy with flavour but rot quickly once get them home. Nectarines ditto, apricots a lottery, some pawpaw Ok, must have strong aroma otherwise sour. After 10 am got pains in upper back, imagination suggested kidneys damaged from too much fasting but an hour or so later front lower rib cage became similarly painful. This was a relief (but only mentally) as it meant kidneys probably okay, was 1° hotter on the skin in that area. Hot day too at 34° so had to run the air-conditioner (rare event) to make life bearable. Getting steadily worse and stomach producing lots of gas decided to vomit. Finger down the throat and immediately the stomach regurgitated almost as its entire contents. Strange as it usually takes a while to induce a vomit with many finger down the throat attempts to get started. This time it was as if it couldn't wait to get started and yet I did not feel nauseous beforehand. Supposedly when eating fruit only, it only takes half an hour for it to move on from the stomach. Being an hour an a half since I last ate I was surprised to see all the fruit basically intact. They were watermelon, rock melon and something white and funny I couldn't recognise, maybe peach. The rock melon I bought four days earlier, was a half and sealed in Glad wrap, I only ate a meagre slice of this. The rest of it I left on the bench and it formed a milky coating on the cut surface. Ah Ha, food poisoning -- from fruit! For good measure I had two enemas, not expecting anything untoward from them and there wasn't, but theorising that if I made a clear space in the lower colon it would make it easier for the offending fruit that might have left the stomach to move on down the intestinal tract a lot quicker and easier. Must have worked as immediately felt a lot better and within an hour I was out cutting bananas.

Dry mouth still a problem, not so bad during the day as I can keep eating. Nights are difficult, eating most fruits before going to bed gave me an hour before my dry mouth would wake me up. Eating watermelon gave me 2 1/2 hours. Sjogrens syndrome featured on TV's Doc Martin who said body was fighting against water producing glands, prescription saline drink -- have I removed too much of my sodium (the main endeavour of all my fasting)? Not an authoritative source of medical opinion so followed up with some research on the internet.

Re buying ½ fruit, I find it better to see what I am getting, colour, even texture etc than it is to buy a whole one and throw it away as soon as I cut it open after I get home. Works well with pawpaw as the reason they were cut is to remove the 'going bad' bits from excellent slightly over-ripened fruit. From now on though, the plastic comes off right away and I eat it same day or next. No more storing with the plastic on.

12/12 20th  I'm back fasting again, day 2 now. Before I started my left foot 2nd toe joint was very sore again and I had a severe case of dry mouth. Not so bad during the day as I could keep nibbling all day but at night it woke me EVERY night time hour for 2 weeks apart from one isolated watermelon after eating a slice of which would give me 2½ hours sleep. Last night I only woke once, best night's sleep since the last fast.

I think the foot and the dry mouth are the result of the same circumstances as I note others with dry mouth (Sjogrens syndrome) complain of extreme joint soreness as well.

I react to fasting extremely quickly these days, already my foot has lost it's swelling (at times the right foot swelled too but wasn't painful) which had extended as far as the ankle, is much less painful and the texture of my saliva has changed markedly. I was also getting sore eyes, mostly when I closed them for 3 minutes they would sting until tears normalised ? the situation, salty taste. Today this has gone already. I note at the end of 10 days or so of fasting I looked pretty emancipated but within 2 days of eating my cells would totally rehydrate and no one could tell I had just ended a fast.

All pointed to sodium being the culprit. I am evolving a theory about fasting and body repair. There seems to be 'foundation' conditions that any malady needs to have in place before it manifests itself. Then there will be a trigger mechanism that sets in motion the appearance of the symptoms. For example say lung congestion, if it takes 4 days of fasting to make the symptoms disappear then all that has happened at this point is the trigger mechanism has been disabled or partially removed. If the faster ends the fast then, it will only be a matter of a few days before the trigger mechanism rebuilds and the symptoms return. What is needed is for the fast to continue for perhaps twice as long as it took for the symptoms to disappear - 8 days. This then gets rid of all the trigger and the foundation conditions. I shall fast according to that theory in future and see what happens.

On my dry mouth syndrome, I would say the fasting set out to take me from point A to point J to eliminate my sodium. Somewhere along that track I arrived at point C where conditions were just right for dry mouth. I'm sure if I had fasted for longer I would have arrived at J where dry mouth could not exist because my sodium levels would be too low for it. (Wrong conclusion, fluoride later found to be the culprit.) Who knows, a fasting body is so very smart, far smarter than the entire medical profession.

I am apprehensive of this breatharian thing. For more than 2 months now I have fasted 30% of the time and apart from reduced energy levels I feel better while fasting than I do when eating !!!!!! Eating is probably a hard habit to give up !!!!!

One macula event.

Day 3. Slept all night, didn't have to get up because of dry mouth. Exuding a small amount of sodium from between teeth & gums pretty much all the time. Enema

Day 4, 5 Ditto without the enema

Day 6. Ditto with E. Teeth stopped with the salt.

Ended fast not very wisely, ate too much, chicken too soon but no good fruit to eat. Left foot started to get painful to walk on within 4 hrs of starting to eat (fruit). Not happy with bananas, bugger up my saliva chemistry, can feel longitudinal ridges in my teeth. When chemistry right I don't notice them, saliva thickens up. When saliva bad it is very thin. Leg cramps very minimal 2nd night, none 1st night. Went to Woodford festival with not entirely happy digestion system, on way bought cherries, they worse for saliva than my bananas. At Woodford ate falafel, salt free sweet potato chips and felt worse. Got diarrhea badly, extreme dry mouth especially when talking to someone. Drove back home, spewed up as much as could, was falafel and chips, this after 6 hours since eaten, hadn't moved on. Enema followed, sort of fawn smokey expellation. Took 3, needed 4 but feeling sore. Felt a lot better and Left foot immediately lost it's painfulness !!!!! back to Woodford in morning. Stayed on pawpaw (sourish) watermelon and little of it till noon, then ventured into other non-delights. Most got thrown away after the first taste, found mango juice to be a saviour of saliva chemistry and regular cups of it kept dry mouth at bay.

Slept quite well, no dry mouth, tried banana, immediate bad saliva. Ate all manner of 'delights' dahl, mayan chicken, mexican beans, pineapple (extremely poor quality, threw away), chips, Japanese chicken, everything rescued by mango juice. On way home bought an organic curried lentil pie but not gluten free – mistake, felt bloated for 4 hours. Left foot wasn't so bad even after all that? Some swelling but not so painful.

Generally no dry mouth and slept all night, was having a little chicken every day, then ran out and immediately dry mouth returned and up once in the night. Had watermelon before bed and when forced up. Possible that fluoridated toothpaste brought on dry mouth, brittle teeth and lot of my other problems.

Jan 2nd Energy returned better this time.

7th Going along nicely on mangos melons and a few nuts, then had ½ chicken, carton of chips and a couple of Coles picked way too early organic nectarines, OK till evening then energy low and vision went poor especially close up. Dry mouth back too with multiple awakenings.

9th Back to 6th day diet but added chicken (Coles – not that nice) – no ill effects but up once at night with dry mouth. Vision & energy OK

10th Ditto but no chicken, added chips – Same result. Ditto with only nectarines ?? A combination doing the damage ?

22nd Time to draw some conclusions. Seems that fluoride poisoning is a distinct possibility. The symptoms are sore joints, yes got that in my left foot, left knuckle and left hip a little. The brittle teeth, unfortunately do have that, brittle bones, taking great care not to fall down. Cardiovascular diseases, do hope that is not the case but I note my blood pressure and pulse are up about 10%. For the past two months I have had sore spots in both corners of my mouth, no cracking or bleeding, just sore. Four days after ceasing with the fluoride toothpaste they disappeared and haven't been back. Dry mouth is not completely gone but is greatly diminished, have had several nights where I slept right through, one even to 8 a.m.

Dry mouth is a bitch, at its worst you can't sleep for more than an hour without awakening with inside one's mouth totally dry. When chewing nuts, macadamia the worst, the fine particles will adhere to just about anywhere in the mouth, teeth, tongue and cheeks. Doesn't seem to be any bought food eaten late at night that prevents dry mouth overnight but brushing my teeth earlier in the evening and subsequent eating of my fruit usually allows an uninterrupted nights sleep. On the positive side, all the things we shouldn't eat taste really terrible. Other observations, when saliva is normal and one's mouth is shut our lips tend to slightly stick together. With dry mouth, saliva thin, this doesn't happen and mouth will tend to drift toward being slightly open and that certainly dries out the mouth especially if one is asleep.

More on fluoride, I'm now sure I have fluoride poisoning, brittle teeth, yes broke one off trying to open a packet of nuts, sore joints like my left foot, brittle bones, yes fractured one when I slipped an fell on my left arm, the load was on my left shoulder which is braced by muscles to the lower right ribs and one of them fractured from the jolt. My dentist a couple of years ago recommended a high fluoride toothpaste because of more than average tooth decay and saliva chemistry not right. After a while all this came good. A while longer and it all went bad again. The mistake was continuing with the toothpaste after it came good. Essentially I went from being fluoride deficient, to fluoride OK, to fluoride toxic. There are parallels to this in agriculture. Boron is a poison but the soil needs 2 parts per million, when less plants don't do well and struggle to produce fruit, when levels are OK all is rosy, if the levels exceed 2 ppm the symptoms are the same as if there is too little. When applying boron farmers only put enough on to bring the levels to 2 ppm then stop, dentists who think they are smarter than farmers, think fluoride should be 'applied' constantly, who knows how many people out there are fluoride poisoned from water supplies or toothpaste and don't know it. The dental association won't recognize poisoning symptoms probably for fear of being sued out of existence. We can't sue them because when it comes to fluoride they are the authority, judge, jury and executioner. Last time I ever take any notice of so called 'professional' advice.

There are two camps on fluoride, those all for it and those dead against. They are both half right. Like boron in agriculture we need a minuscule amount but not too much. I can vouch that the health problems from having too much are 100 times worse than not having enough.

Pain and swelling in my left foot is quite subdued, swelling only minimal. Left-hand knuckle a bit stiff but not sore nor swollen. Vision is generally quite good and hearing reasonably so. For past 5 mths I've had to ensure crapping to a regular schedule otherwise I get horribly constipated. First stools out are knobbly. Now this doesn't happen, can miss a day and tstools are long, soft and smallish in diameter, no knobbly tendency or constipation at all but am back to needing to use toilet paper.

1/13 Started to fast but only went 3 days, Mangoes are extremely nice this year and it seems crazy to fast while they are at their best which will only last another 4 weeks or so. During this time I constantly ate mangoes for breakfast lunch and dinner and in between, about 15 a day, they were magnificent.

2/13 12th Mangoes finished so started fasting. Nothing is really bad now that I'm off fluoride toothpaste, even my left foot toe joint is painless and only minimally swollen. Vision is good and hearing OK. Left hip a bit tender.

Days 1 to 6 almost as if I weren't fasting at all. Had an enema on day 5, nothing untoward, a couple of knobbles but odourless and no discolouration from toxins. I might finally be getting to a minimal toxin stage. No metallic exudation from between teeth and gums, thanks to no longer using fluoride toothpaste.

Day 7. A bit subdued today, fair amount of spitting otherwise OK. Ending it tonight, yielding to temptation as I have a young self-bred mango tree with it's first crop, very late but has the most drop dead gorgeous looking fruit on it and a couple have dropped. A very uneventful fast, no vomiting, no macula events, very little spitting, all sore joints came good, vision and hearing good, no cramps on ending the fast which up till now was always the case, this time there will be no continuing fluoride intake which hitherto was undoing all the benefits the fast conferred. Quite astounding how something so innocuous as toothpaste can alone cause such a dramatic deterioration in health. Illustrates profusely how important it is to correctly identify the cause of one's complaints (for years I had been blaming arthritis for my sore joints) , why it is useless to take measures to hide the symptoms and why you have to do it for yourself because our 'professional' people are disease experts not health experts.

Four days since ending fast and everything still good, even reverted to the 'no toilet paper' situation. I can tell when I won't need that, the sensation at the 'time of passing' is much like the feeling in your hand when you grip a cake of wet soap – it just 'escapes'. I'm not talking about hard or semi-dry stools, these are very soft and smallish in diameter. What causes this I can't even hazard a guess, maybe chemical, biological or physical. I can rationalise that this is the way it should be for all mankind and would be if we all were fruitarians as nature intended. Imagine how many forests would be saved if we didn't need factories to make toilet paper !!!!