Fluoride Poisoning and 'Dry Mouth'

There are numerous sites on the Web describing symptoms and suggesting remedies, this one is different because it is written by someone who had the misfortune of personally experiencing it. I am a very health conscious person, never been on any medications, never drank fluoridated water but did use regular toothpaste with fluoride and did take care not to swallow any. It all started out when at a visit to a dentist I was advised to use higher concentrated fluoride toothpaste as he considered my saliva chemistry was wrong and that was contributing to me having more tooth decay than I should. So I did, figuring that I would be spitting that out too as I usually did. This was subsequently discovered to be a misconception as the fluoride seeps down between the teeth and gums, rinsing and spitting out the tooth paste does not totally remove it.

After 9 months or so at another dental visit the dentist commented that my saliva chemistry was good and my teeth had hardened up nicely. Good news, stay with the program eh? Huge mistake!

About 18 months later health problems that had been steadily building really hit the fan, the culmination of which was a severe case of 'Dry Mouth'. This was so bad at it's height that for 2 weeks I could only sleep for one hour durations before waking up with my mouth and tongue being totally dry. It was about this time that I figured out that fluoride poisoning was the cause of my problems. The following I put down as the symptoms, most are listed on other web sites but a couple I've not seen mentioned elsewhere.

  1. Brittle teeth.

  2. Brittle bones.

  3. Joint pain.

  4. Dry Mouth.

  5. Saliva chemistry out of whack.

  6. Poor sense of taste.

  7. My normal blood pressure and pulse rate increased by 10%

  8. Very painful small areas externally at the corners of my mouth

My experiences with the symptoms above are

  1. Broke off top third of a front tooth while opening a packet of nuts.

  2. Fractured ribs, one from falling on my left arm, the shoulder is braced to the lower right rear ribs and one of those fractured. A front rib fractured from a minor bump against a ride on mower steering wheel.

  3. Most painful joint was between 2nd and 3rd toe on left foot, was a problem area for 2 years. Swollen most of the time, at it's worst could barely walk on it, sometimes the whole foot and ankle swelled up.

  4. Covered the Dry Mouth problem above. Other observations, when saliva is normal and one's mouth is shut our lips tend to slightly stick together. With dry mouth, saliva thin, this doesn't happen and mouth will tend to drift toward being slightly open and that certainly dries out the mouth especially if one is asleep. Doesn't seem to be any bought food eaten late at night that prevents dry mouth overnight but brushing my teeth earlier in the evening and subsequent eating of my home grown fruit generally allowed an uninterrupted nights sleep.

  5. With dry mouth one's saliva has a thinner viscosity than normal, one can feel vertical grooves in one's teeth, the fine particles from well chewed nuts tend to stick on one's teeth, cheeks and tongue and are difficult to dislodge and swallow.

  6. Everything eaten tastes different. A sip of wine has no taste and burns the inside of the mouth. Fluoride poisoning would probably cure alcoholism !!!

  7. Usually my blood pressure is 105 over 58 and pulse around 50. With the poisoning at it's height it was 118 over 67 and pulse around 62. Two months after ceasing the fluoride intake it returned to my normal levels.

  8. These painful spots in the exterior corners of my mouth completely disappeared four days after ceasing the use of fluoridated tooth paste.

I can't vouch from personal experience on the following, other than the weakened bones, but worthy of mention is :-

It also causes skeletal fluorosis, weakened bone structure and is linked to lowered IQ’s in children. Fluoride displaces the mineral iodine which leads to hypothyrodism (sluggish metabolism). It increases the risk of bone cancer in adolescent males; it can cause osteoporosis and has led to hip fractures.

Fluoride has also been found to interfere with the pineal gland and its release of melatonin. The pineal gland is currently becoming activated in humanity, so there is a whiff of conspiracy suggested here. The pineal gland produces melatonin which is linked to psychic activity, maintaining the strength of the immune system, preventing cancer and regulating the onset of puberty. Early puberty has been shown to exist in areas where there is fluoride in the water.

As mentioned above, fluoride is linked to lower IQ’s in children. This has been well documented in a report by researchers in China. In one community where there were high fluoride levels the average IQ was 98. In the other tested area where the fluoride levels were low, the average was 105. An IQ shift of 7 points in an entire population has large population-wide implications, as well as impacting individual member’s, therefore these results deserve close attention regarding what this mass medication is doing to our children’s brains. Babies fed milk formula made with tap water receive 50-100 times more fluoride than those that are breast-fed.

Other sources indicate an increase in serious cardiovascular problems.

Thus, if you want your kids to be smart steer clear of everything that contains fluoride. The life expectancy of EVERY species on the planet is 7 times the time it takes to reach puberty. If fluoride brings puberty on earlier then fluoride effectively shortens one's life.

There are two camps on fluoride, those all for it and those dead against. They are both half right and half wrong. As with boron in agriculture we need a minuscule amount but not too much. I can vouch that the health problems from having too much fluoride are 100 times worse than not having enough. The Dental Association in every country is the authority, judge, jury and executioner when it comes to fluoride, if they were to concede that too much causes health problems they would face the biggest class action in history and be sued out of existence.

By far the single greatest influence on one's susceptibility to tooth decay is determined by your mother's diet while she was pregnant with you. Your diet will determine whether your situation improves or gets worse but markedly improving is a very unlikely result.

So, if you look as if you have fluoride poisoning, what can you do about it especially when conventional experts conclude that for Dry Mouth there is no cure? A couple of sites make the point that adequate levels of cystine will ensure the presence of glutathione in our cells and this will contribute to the elimination of heavy metals from our bodies, presumably fluoride as well. In my experience taking Sun Chlorella A tablets (sold as a nutritional benefit, it contains good levels of cystine) will rapidly expel heavy metals from the body, from previous experience it works well on lead (verified via hair analysis) and seems to be working on fluoride as well. Chorella combined with Lipoic acid is the best option I have found. Chlorella moves the nasties to the blood stream and the lipoic acid ensures the nasties go from there to the organs of elimination.

The course is 3 months, I took 5 tablets of 200mg three times a day of Sun Chlorella and 1 tablet of lipoic acid of 300mg twice a day for a month, once a day thereafter. This will be helped by including as much quality fresh fruit in your diet as possible. Symptoms were noticeably diminished after 30 days even to the point of enjoying a glass of wine.  Bon appetit.

Ironically, over my entire life the person who has caused me the most grievous bodily harm was my dentist. Last time I take any notice of so called 'professional' advice without a whole lot of research first.

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