A Mind Wasting Proposition

It is foolish indeed to determine that 'this is the path I will follow because it will lead me to Nirvana'. We need to be as an eagle, fly above all paths and look down to see how they interact with and compliment one another. Everything is interrelated; every one tiny part affects the whole. Finding four pieces of the trillion piece jigsaw of life doesn't mean eureka, you've found the 'meaning of life'. To be a fruitarian is a giant first step in a quest to see through the murk and observe very many pieces fitting together.

Having just covered briefly, physical waste deposits in the human body and their effect on the physical body with disease etc, so does this same waste affect the mental and psychological aspects of that person.

We have all seen the tantrums of hyperactive children, totally spaced out and driving their parents to distraction who are longing for the day when they 'grow out of it'. In the meantime feed them artificially flavoured and coloured sweets to 'keep them quiet' for a few minutes. Yeah, right, throw more fuel on the fire, that's bound to quench the flames.

The brain consumes 20% of the energy available to the body. The heart has a separate section to pump blood to the brain, the other section pumps blood everywhere else. From that we can see that the body is designed around the importance of getting a good blood supply to the brain for it to function correctly. How about the quality of blood that goes there, being that the blood is also a mainstream waste conveyor as well. Sure, kidneys cleanse the blood but they aren't very big, your quantity of blood dwarfs them, as does the amount of waste it can carry. All good filter systems have an overload bypass, even your car engine's oil filter. The blood/oil must flow no matter what or serious damage occurs and everything stops. Sending toxins, some of which the kidneys aren't able to filter out anyway, to the brain really upsets attitude in so many ways. Anger, fear (real or imaginary), violent behaviour, depression - all the unsocial behaviour patterns seem to be fuelled by physical waste directly, or indirectly the waste upsets processes that are meant to supply essential brain nutrients, the prime example blood sugar.

A book by Carlton Fredericks Ph.D. called Psycho-Nutrition (not as catchy a title as Sex in the City but never-the less -) goes into great detail on how unsuitable foods can and do set off irrational behaviour and mental traumas. It also deals with the consequences of a less than healthy body not making certain enzymes, vitamins and minerals available which too have an huge impact on one's mental processes. Essentially the point is made that the body influences the mind. Other writers contend that the mind influences the body, now there's a merry go round to give anyone a headache. Bottom line is the brain cannot exist without a body, it draws everything it needs from the body, if it doesn't get all it needs it becomes dysfunctional.

Fredericks notes also that often when the same vitamins/diet given to those with mental disorders with spectacular success, were given to normal 'healthy' people, they too experienced appreciable benefits. He mentions the phenomena that Japanese people thought their short pre WWII stature was caused by their genes but after the introduction of improved nutrition, that nations children become taller than their parents. Of course now they get western world diseases along with it - obviously conventional nutrition theory has much further to go - if only we can get economics out of the equation. Fredericks poses the question "how do you know to what extent and in what subtle ways YOU are falling short of YOUR potential because you have been persuaded that corn flakes, butylhydroxytoluene, hamburgers, milk shakes and cola drinks provide the ideal internal environment?" That can be extended to include everything not on the fruitarian diet.

The book also noted that during WWII in Greece an acute shortage of wheat/bread corresponded with a marked health improvement in the schizophrenic and paranoid community. These and other interesting observations could be listed endlessly, one more needs a mention. Apparently 92% of schizophrenics show evidence of cerebral allergy and the most frequent offending foods were the grasses - wheat, rye, oats, rice, corn and barley. What was it again that we give as foreign aid to countries in dire circumstances and whose people are starving - aren't we just brimming with kindness? Now that they're down we're gonna keep 'em down!


Worthy of note was that for all the things that Fredericks listed as causing allergies, none of them were fruit. Also he said, "The complex dynamics of the sugar controlling mechanism in the body suggest that it is capable of compensating for temporary metabolic insults but might seriously be disturbed by conditions Nature could not have anticipated. For example, consumption from soft drinks (daily) of the amount of sugar supplied by 24 apples." Millions of people per day do drink that much soft drink and more. A fruitarian would have a real battle to eat 24 apples in one day and certainly couldn't do it every day. On top of that, the soft drink sugar is acid forming (becomes waste), virtually devoid of nutrients and contributes only indirectly to energy levels the same way that meat does - by increasing heart rate/blood/oxygen flow.


The mind boggles at the thought that many of our crazy weirdos who, convicted of horrible crimes and were locked away or hanged, were in fact just unable to deal with the waste generated from our 'modern' foods. We have all been angry at those 'stupid psychiatrists' who recommended a release into the community of some once deranged miscreant who got off a life sentence because of not being mentally sound and who re-offended just as badly once released. What's the chance that on the institutions diet he did become normal and rational? What as well are the chances when released he went back to his old diet?

Assuredly, there is no such thing as a violent or aggressive fruitarian. From time immemorial the mystics/gurus of India noted that there are three categories of food. Rajivic includes flesh, the eater of which tends toward anger, violence and confrontation. Tamasic covers the vegetable and grains, those who eat them tend towards being impatient, stressed and irritable. Finally Satvic is for fruit, the eaters of which are peaceable, amicable and passive. Today we have artificial colours, sweeteners, pesticide residues and genetic modification added to the mix, the divisions are much less distinct. We are though, about at the realisation that we REALLY ARE all created equal, the way we deal with our waste and how much we ingest makes us behave differently. No one is naturally a 'bad' person, there is always a reason why they appear that way. Every action that ever takes place in the cosmos is the result of at least two other actions. Just because we don't know what they are, is OUR shortcoming, it doesn't mean they aren't there.