Food Quality is crucial for Good Health

My experience concurs with the theory that toxin accumulation is the cause of all and every disease and if that accumulation can be removed the risk of contracting a disease is nil. 2011 saw me embark into a regime of fasting for 7 consecutive days on water every month, with great improvement to my general health and complete removal of some long standing ailments.

However from July to December of 2014 I seemed to occasionally get sore knuckles, knees and hips, I noticed that while fasting they were fine, it was only during periods of eating that they became sore and the longer the duration of eating the more discomfort was experienced. Eating was obviously the problem or rather, what I was eating. Bear in mind that as a fruitarian I was never eating the usual acid/toxic forming foods like meat, sugar, wheat or dairy products so the following pertains to available fruit, melons, veg, nuts and berries.

Clearly, what I was eating contributed to some toxic accumulation and the once a month 7 day fast removed it. This cycle repeated itself every month for six months during five months of drought when I was unable to grow enough quality produce to sustain myself.

Opted to make two changes to my living. Altered my fasting sequence to four days twice a month, this halved the periods that I spent eating thus reducing the time available for toxic accumulation. Also, even though the produce I was buying was the best I could find, none-the-less it was of inferior quality and brought with it acids in such large quantity they immediately began to build up in my joints and no doubt elsewhere as well. From then on I would be ruthlessly particular about what I would eat and not hesitate to immediately throw out anything even slightly substandard. Strictly following this plan resulted in, for the first time, no worsening of my joint problems during my eating phase, in fact their condition seemed to improve, moving free and easy.

Realising then that food quality played a crucial part in the over all outcome and after the breaking of the drought, my farm near Gympie, that can grow tropical, sub-tropical and many temperate species. with it's massive levels of paramagnetism (the elixir of life energy for plants) became 'fruitful' once again. It became necessary to learn agronomy, for to grow really top quality fruit means attempting to restore the soil to it's original pristine condition after decades of poor farming practices by previous owners.

Most of my experiences are written up on, a notable article is 'How to Select Good Fruit' something most people haven't a clue about. It is not enough to eat just any old fruit, it must be quality fruit. The main reason almost all fruit offered for sale is substandard is because it gets picked long before it has a chance to mature and be fully ripened. None of the ripening methods, commercially or at home, can ever restore that lost quality. After eating a meal of freshly picked top quality tree ripened fruit one should have a 'satisfy' feeling. This is not a 'feeling full' satisfy, it's a feeling of being complete and balanced and has nothing to do with the amount eaten. I recall eating 3 medium apples one morning, peace and satisfaction 'descended' upon me, I worked normally for the rest of the day without the slightest wish to eat anything further.

If we think about it, the past few decades has seen mankind succumbing to ever more diseases and all the while the quality of our food has diminished alarmingly, not a coincidence surely. We are all aware that smoking brings on numerous diseases, now we must realise that eating cheap poor quality food brings even more of them upon us.

These days 'we' are concerned about nutrition (Learn what that is really about!) but we should be at least equally concerned about waste, it's disposal of course but more importantly about reducing our intake. Google "orange 1950 nutrition" and see how many others are alarmed about the deteriorating quality of produce. The thing no one seems to appreciate is that if for example, assuming the 1950 orange was 50 parts good nutrition and 50 parts waste (acids and substances that are not beneficial to our bodies), then today's orange with it's 1/7th nutritional content (best case scenario) contains 93 parts waste - and we have to eat 7 of them to get the same nutrition that we might have got from one in 1950. So now along with the 50 parts of nutrition we might have been expecting to get, we take on board 650 parts of waste instead of the 50 parts that came with the 1950 orange and our body systems aren't designed to deal with the elimination of that volume. It was hardly likely to deal with the 50 parts in 1950 either but certainly has no hope now. Interestingly, one guy in 1950 was lamenting that the oranges then, couldn't compare with the 1925 oranges that he could remember!! Ad infinitum? Anyway, the huge influx of waste that we ingest with today's modern foods directly or indirectly influences the development of all of the myriad of diseases to which we succumb.

These days significant numbers of farmers are taking advantage of the findings of science in regard to soil, soil care and mineral balancing, this is a big essential step in the right direction. Unfortunately no official studies have been done on irrigation. Everyone assumes that after watering, plants grow and flourish, it's plain to see. Behind the scenes is not so great, the plants have their electrolytes disrupted, notably potassium and sodium which are primarily needed by the plants to adjust to varying climatic conditions but they also determine the nutritional content of the product we eat. Plants take up sodium when it's dry to resist transpiration from their leaves and conserve moisture, they shed it back to the soil when it's wet to enhance transpiration and rid themselves of excess moisture. Irrigating makes the soil wet, the message from the roots is shed sodium but after the sprinkler stops the message from the above ground part of the plant is increase sodium in response to the drought conditioned atmosphere, an unsolvable conflict, the plant loses it's mineral balance and suffers. Vegetables were cultured and developed by man to be grown with irrigation (very few can survive on their own in the wild) but irrigating during the month prior to harvesting decimates the amount of nutrition they might deliver. The politics of the whole food chain is 'the more cartons the better', irrigating delivers that but what we are getting is massive amounts of waste and not much nutrition, this applies to all produce, not just oranges.

This raises another interesting point, we are taught that ancient civilisations, Mayans, Incas and even the Romans, all depended on irrigation to provide food for their burgeoning centralised populations and it is assumed that they died out because the rains failed and they weren't able to irrigate. What if that wasn't the case, it seems likely that after hundreds of years of irrigating the same plots of land, the nutrition delivered wasn't enough to sustain life and they died of nutritional starvation in green (pale green by then) fields of plenty.

Back then the hardy farming few would have upped stakes and moved to a new area and started afresh (not unknown in this day and age either). Today we are dependent on irrigation on a global scale, there is no where to move to apart from the Amazon basin but we can't all go there. If we did we would take our lifestyle with us, cut down all the trees, decimate the annual rainfall and turn it into a South American Sahara desert.

Our 'great minds' think it is inevitable that we must move to another planet after we have used this one up !!!! Our wonderful planet is marvellously resilient and self restoring if given half a chance, all we have to do is stop cutting down trees and we could assist enormously if we planted a few billion to make up for the ones already hacked down. If these great minds can see the devastation we are causing to ourselves and the planet why don't they put some effort into devising ways to clean up the mess we are making. Demonstrate the debilitating effects of today's produce, reward farmers for growing nutritious produce, penalise the ones who don't and ban the sale of foods that only contribute to our waste accumulation. That will involve everyone changing their diet and no-one is going to willingly do that unless death is staring them in the face and it may be too late then. Obviously it will be much easier to figure out how to transport ourselves 20 light years distant to the nearest habitable planet so we can continue living our self distructing lifestyle !!!!

Alternatively, take a personal stand, learn agriculture, learn how to work with nature, learn which foods are ideally suited to humans, there is definitely no substitute for growing your own and growing it properly as nature intended.

Sometime in the future, growers and sellers of poor produce should be prosecuted for insidiously delivering so much harm to the widespread community but that won't happen until there is a quick simple test for nutrition/waste content and acceptable standards are set – this will be enormously difficult to accomplish.

Note that many of our sci-fi movies are about aliens that are going from planet to planet plundering the universe, now they have found planet Earth and the local heroes have to fight them off. Isn't this what we are planning? We would hardly be welcome anywhere unless we could show that we had taken good care of our own planet.