Addendum to Waste Management

RESPONSIBLITY. This is an issue that is just so important especially in areas vital to your well being. There is a peculiar twist to this, it would appear that the duty of care taken by the allocated responsible person is in inverse proportion to how crucial the matter is to you. The taxi driver responsible to get you to point A usually does so admirably, the mechanic responsible for your car generally will conscientiously keep it in good shape but these are not important issues. At the end of the scale in areas critical to your well being, the person to whom you give the responsibility, fails dismally.

Doctors, no matter how well intentioned or caring, fall into this category. Unfortunately, the medical profession is about learning as much as possible about disease but almost nothing at all about health. This and the obsession with treating the symptoms adds up to disease control, not health care. Many people these days have shifted the responsibility for their health care into the hands of naturopaths. While these people do know something about health, essentially they are still only 'patching up' your ill health. It makes sense to shift the emphasis over to preventing conditions, internally and externally, that invite diseases and afflictions to develop.

Better that YOUR health is YOUR responsibility. Yes, you will have to devote time to learn about your body and how it works but, hey, this is the essential YOU we are talking about. It's just looking for trouble to keep your dog in the chicken coop or ice in the oven, just as it is to put acid foods into your alkaline digestive system.

EDUCATION. After a war there is a saying that goes something like this "The loser pays the price and the winner writes the history". This invariably makes the winner appear as a hero as well. It's much the same with education. Your government decides what you will be taught and what you will not be taught. Classic example is the Japanese government making sure it's own people never got to learn about the atrocities Japanese troops carried out in WWII. There are skeletons in every country's closet that never get into that country's education system.

A government appointed committee decides the education curriculum. Are they the cleverest people in the country, almost certainly not. Where does that leave you, a product of that education? Thankfully, it leaves you with the ability to discover the truth but it doesn't present you with it. Grain and grain products for example, should not be eaten by humans but no education system on the planet will teach you that - economics come first.

DIET. We are all slaves to our tastebuds. Their original purpose was to warn us that we had bitten into unripe, over-ripe or otherwise unsuitable food. The overturning of this may have begun in the last ice-age when our ancestors had to eat just about anything they could find in order to survive, the taste bud warnings had to be ignored. Over the ages they have been 'programmed ' to read as desirable, many of the edible things that are long term harmful to our health. Today tastebuds and memory of taste dictate what we eat whether good for us or not.

Interestingly, as a group, it could be that the worst serial killers on earth are chefs. They have seemingly no regard for food being responsible for good health, they are only concerned with disrupting our misguided tastebuds still further. Anything that can be ingested and not cause pain or death in the ensuing 24 hours is on the menu with salt and a few herbs.

All is not lost, after being a fruitarian for only 6 months, the tastebuds return to their original programming. It is an extraordinary experience to suddenly not like, for example, potato chips that one has eaten with relish for most of one's life.

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