Waste Management

Let’s assume you’ve just bought a neat modern home out in the suburbs with a small backyard, a couple of trees and a white picket fence around the lot. Then you get this notice from your local government authority, which says that the local garbage dump has closed and from now on the garbage collector will only be able to collect one small box of garbage per household per week. The rest of your waste must be stored on your property until further notice. Well, this will be a bit inconvenient but there’s no reason to modify your grand lifestyle, I mean, science will find a way to let you live your life the way you have become accustomed. Hey, you have a degree in web site design, waste is something other people deal with, it is just not your responsibility.

Initially, this won’t be such an imposition, the excess waste can be put under the house or stored in the ceiling. Outwardly your home will continue to look as neat and tidy as when you first moved in. As time goes on these places will be filled up so the next spot might be in a corner of the backyard. Your home still looks fine from the front gate but on closer inspection around the back its starting to look a little tatty.

Time passes and now the floor joists are weakening from termites, which were encouraged to the site by the decaying waste stored there. Time to call the floor doctor to nail a couple of plastic supports under the floorboards. The floor has been weakened but at least for now it’s not getting worse and so long as you don’t have any wild partying above that area, the floor will last for years. In the backyard the trees have died, they didn’t like the waste being piled so high around them. The tree doctor comes in to cut them down to prevent them being a problem in later life. The fence palings keep rotting away in places where the waste was stacked up against them so periodically you’ll need to call in the fence doctor to get that patched up.

The water pipes under the house have corroded to the point of leaking, again because of the acid effect of the waste. Now you need the plumbing doctor to dig up the water pipes in the backyard (you don’t use the outside tap now anyway) and transplant it to an essential service such as the kitchen. By now you will reminisce that maybe you should have modified your lifestyle to fit in with the house. So now let's stop smoking and cut down on the Kentucky fried and Pizzas.

Still the waste piles up, now it’s being crammed into the spare room. House is starting to look worse for wear, bulging in the middle, bit shaky on it’s stumps, paint is staining from the ceiling waste and the whole place seems to smell a little unpleasant. Never mind, conscientious you will buy up big on air fresheners and give the house a fresh coat of paint. Science has given you a myriad of ways to hide or minimise life's distresses so they don't disrupt your lifestyle.

Ah, some respite, you find that the waste in the ceiling and under the floor has compacted so now fresh waste can be added to these areas. Very soon after there seems to be particularly virulent strains of bacteria and virus’s emerging from every nook and cranny. The bacteria doctor is perplexed at why they won’t die so he suggests isolating the essential living areas with an impermeable epoxy. This is fine except it introduces a certain remoteness from other parts of the house. You can’t even air the place, the house is so bulged out of shape the windows are jammed shut.

The house is in bad shape. The outer wall of the spare room has collapsed, the roof leaks and needs attention by a roof doctor but he says there is nothing solid underneath on which to graft a new roof. Then there’s the spare bedroom, for some reason the waste in there is expanding on its own by the day, it even creaks at night and its walls are splitting ominously. The waste in the main bedroom (you haven’t slept in there for ages) is collapsing on itself like a dying star. You would put more waste in there except the toxicity level is so high you dare not open the door. Waste now stored in the kitchen is falling onto the stove, food tastes terrible and is hard to keep down – the end is nigh

You really wouldn’t treat your house like this so why do you do it to your body?

It is a plain simple fact the average person’s 24-hour food and drink intake produces more waste than that person’s body is able to expel over the same time frame. Even worse, as waste storage increases, waste disposal diminishes as the elimination systems become clogged and less efficient.

Why is this happening to everyone?

1 IGNORANCE. The worst kind of ignorance, the "I don't want to know" type of ignorance.

2 RESPONSIBILITY. Don't interrupt my lifestyle by requiring me to think, my doctor is responsible for my health (read that as 'managing your diseases'), my teachers were responsible for my education, my accountant is responsible for my taxes, my mechanic is responsible for my car, the supermarket is responsible for what I eat and my insurance company is responsible for ensuring that I am not responsible for anything, now excuse me, I am off to play golf.

3 DIET. Humans are alkaline mammals and as such should eat only alkaline foods. These include most fruits, nuts (not peanuts), melons, berries, honey and the very greenest of vegetables. Acid foods produce waste in abundance, these include all dairy products, grains, meats, most vegetables and processed sugar from cane or beet. Ponder this, when digested, steak is 5% nutrition, 95% waste. Macadamia nuts on the other hand are 95% nutrition, 5% waste. But, you say, after a steak meal I feel invigorated, bursting with energy, raring to go. Of course you do, your body reacts to the meal by assessing the waste it has to dispose of and pushes up the heart rate. This moves the carbonised part of the waste via the blood to the lungs to breath it out and also to the skin where it can be exuded (the rest is bundled along the intestines as quick as possible). A by-product of this increased blood flow is extra oxygen to the body’s cells which gets converted to energy. Besides, the steak first goes to the stomach to be mixed with digestive juices and assimilation of nutrients doesn't begin for some time after eating. Because you are hungry again in 2 to 4 hours, there obviously wasn’t much nutrition gained from it anyway.

4 EDUCATION. This is totally tied to economics. In 1951 Frank Abrams, Chairman of Standard Oil said, "There is definite correlation between education and the consumption of commodities. Education has done more to create markets for business than any other force in America."

Hmm, so what you say? So business has a vested interest in education, as do governments ever protective of their economies. No education system on the planet will ever teach that milk and cornflakes is THE WORST thing to have for breakfast for a growing child (or adult) or that steak and chips is about the worst thing to have for a main meal. Mankind’s best diet (fruitarian) if suddenly universally adopted would decimate the dairy industry, the grain industry and the cattle industry in one fell swoop. On the ‘plus’ side the medical industry would all but disappear because sickness and disease would be incredibly diminished. Unemployment however would rise substantially - all very unpalatable to governments.

Essentially, all the education and research in the world is encouraged so long as nothing is found or taught that will endanger a major world industry, look at the years it took to lift the lid on the tobacco industry. It makes economic sense to keep the populace unhealthy, it keeps so many $s in circulation in one’s own country. Think about it. So it's tough on the individual but hey, it's all for the greater good!!!!

I have written this, not with a view to ‘changing the world’ (even though it desperately needs it), I realise that less than one in a 100 will bother to read it, less than one in a 1000 will attempt to act on it, maybe one in 10,000 will run with it. I write this because if I was decrepit or dying, I would want to know why and I would want to know if there was anything I could do to ‘put my house in order’. I am disappointed I wasn’t given the opportunity to read about any of it in school and that I didn’t find out about it much sooner.

I did buy a farm specifically because I was fed with up not having a reliable supply of good food, I am not particularly concerned that it might be commercially viable only one year in 4, I do intend to steer it into being a "fruitarian" food producer in case others want a similar change of lifestyle and need to find a supply of foods of the necessary quality.

To those of you who have persevered and read to the end and who are thinking, "thank goodness that’s over" alas, there’s more – much more, in fact I’ve barely started. Stay tuned to an internet address near you.

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