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August 2013 of the author of Ben at age 78 from causes unknown. There is no reason now in continuing his anonymity which stemmed from a threat about 40 years ago from persons of influence, to be 'done away with' if he published his knowledge in book form. Those days the Medical Profession didn't take kindly to being ridiculed, these days it's commonplace if you know where to look.

He was Barry Slogrove, a true genius of the 20th century with a great depth of knowledge over a wide range of subjects. At the height of his personal standing his brain could resonate at 4 hertz and his pulse rate would go as low as 30 beats per minute. At that stage while on a visit to Himalayan spiritual teachers, one of them told him that the only way he could progress onward would be if he shut himself away from the rest of mankind but he chose to 'stay with us' and endeavour to save us from ourselves and raise us from the mess we were in (and are still in).

To his great disappointment it seemed that he had little success in inspiring others to live a vastly improved, enlightened, disease free lifestyle, as is mankind's true birthright. Several who knew him said he was way ahead of his time. Not how I would put it, I'd say he was just right for this day and age, about fixing climate change, about conserving nature's bounty not harvesting it to extinction, about being healthy not needing disease management (under the guise of health care). It is the rest of us by comparison who are far far behind the times, we still live like our ancestors did, exploit everything, chop down every tree, catch every fish – those times are long gone, there are too many of us now.

For the astute reader who has read any of Barry's site the question probably arises, if everything he said about diet, nutrition and living is true, why did he not exceed the average life expectancy by a country mile? Valid question.

Throughout his earlier years he experimented on himself by mono dieting to the extreme with many foods to see how his body reacted, the consequences of this may have eventually taken it's toll. After spending a great part of his life enthusiastically trying to reverse deteriorating world conditions with not much to show for it, must have been depressing at times. Maybe it was this that led him to occasionally (and with fervour) digress from the healthy living regime that he expounded upon for decades. As anyone who lives or has tried to live as a true fruitarian, even for a few weeks, would be painfully aware, the urge to digress can be overwhelming. Our memory will tempt us with tastes, sights and smells of many foods, some from as far back as our childhood years, that in the long term are positively harmful to us. Digressing can have devastating effects, instantly undoing much of good work that has taken months or years to build up.

That and the boredom he complained of frequently, from not having a circle of like minded people who as a group could demonstrate irrefutably where the right-use-ness of his knowledge would transform civilisation as we know it and where he could debate and discuss the new discoveries that this modern age comes up with. While he lived in Gympie I was able to partially fill that void but a couple of years ago he felt the need to move to the tropics where he would have year round ready access to better quality fruit.

So, Barry old son, thank you, it works for me, without 'medical help' I have lived 25% longer than my parents did and I am more healthy now than they were when they were in their 40's. May you rest in peace, your ashes have been spread around a few of your fruit trees and we are expecting a bumper crop from them next year.

Malcolm Bone

Ben Adamah
Writings on The Scientific Nature of the Universe, Life & Mankind

(Edited and enlarged July 2012)

If one wishes to continue to have faith in the beliefs one has (especially one's religious beliefs) and to live ignorant of what the Author of this work knows to be the truth of the nature of life and mankind, then we strongly advise not to proceed reading this work any further.

This work has nothing to do with imaginary man-gods, messiahs or saviours and so-called after death hells and heavens, it is a presentation of the Scientific Nature of the Universe, Life and Mankind. It also presents what the Author perceives as the state of ignorance of the gullible masses, being the belief of all the iffy assumptions of the Scientific Establishment, and the dogma of Religion. The false and manipulative promises of salvation, by the potential discovery of miraculous drugs by the former establishment, or by some mythical saviour by the institutions of the latter, none of which will ever come to pass.

Be it known to whoever that chooses to read this work, that the statements are perceived by the Author to be the truth of the Scientific Nature of the Universe, Life and Mankind. It also includes some of the Author's personal research, experiments, and experiences, especially in regard to reclaiming health.

Included is the number symbol (referred to as sacred) code of the Ancient Masters of Chaldean Empire which they employed to record their knowledge of the Scientific Nature of the Laws which govern the Universe, Life and Mankind.

The main section of this work is the one entitled 'Science to Religion'. We highly recommend one commence studying it before proceeding to Diet and Nutrition. Be aware that each section is part/piece of a larger picture/puzzle on the scientific nature of life and mankind.


The main purpose of these writings is to provide practical scientific guidance for whoever is seeking the knowledge on how to attain individual perfection. On attaining physiological perfection, one has access to the entire historical records of mankind, life and the universe.

Some individuals have momentary glimpses of the records. The geniuses that have come into the world acquired it as a result of the mothers physiological and psychological condition during their gestation period in the womb. Depending on the context of their formative years they will either have enhanced access to the records, or have lost the ability by the time they are seven years of age.

The only reason one does not have access is, because it is only possible through a purification of the body. It is essential to provide the body with what it needs to create the physiological condition for the production of the purist of seminal fluid. After a period of continence and exercising self-constraint sexually the seventh seal of the body, the Pineal Gland, is re-energised and will give one access to the entire historical records of mankind when silent.

During the cleansing of the body all the un-resolved psychological past that rises into one's conscious is dealt with by merely observing and accepting it for what it is, namely the past. The practice of Yoga and Meditation are not required to attain the Realised Ageless State of Enlightenment (Cosmic Consciousness). The process to attain the above, to 'Know Thyself', is provided by the Author in the sections 'Super consciousness' and 'Prenatal and Postnatal Origin of Genius'.


The Author acquired access, partly through a maternal factor and then later gained total access by physiological perfection. After having attained physiological and psychological purity and preservation of the seminal fluid for a period of time on mankind's natural diet began to provide access to the records. The preservation of the seminal fluid is required to achieve the quantity needed for it to rise up the spinal canal and re-energise the Pineal Gland often referred to as the so-called atrophied third eye by the Medical Fraternity.

However be aware, as soon as one defiles the blood stream, (by digressing from mankind's natural diet) one looses the ability to access the historical records and then one only has access to the memory banks of the cerebrum.

Ben Adamah has lost and regained the ability many times. The excuse he employs when communicating with others is that, he is a slow learner. Maybe it is because he needs to keep proving to himself that it does not matter how close one is to death's door, one can always resurrect oneself, attain physiological perfection and once again have access to the records and fulfil one's earthly mission.

In 1968 Ben Adamah realised that we have all chosen to be here on earth to fulfil a mission. The Author has had access to the historical records for most of the last 40 years and in the mid 50s prior glimpses of them. It has given him the ability to begin to present in this work the historical knowledge which the Ancient Masters had on the Scientific Nature of the Universe, Life and Mankind. He is not unique, any one who studies this work in depth and applies it diligently will also begin to have access to the records but only after extended periods of silence. Hence the saying: 'what I can do you can do, and things much greater'. (cited)


No claim is made intentionally as to what any method cited may do for any one in any case, and it is recognised and understood that the Author and Publisher of this work assume no responsibility for any opinion presented or expressed, nor the results that may occur in any case wherein any one may decide to pursue any path mentioned in this work.

Various sections will be expanded extensively, elaborated, and more succinctly explained as time permits. When additions are included or added on the end, the date under the section's Title will be when it is placed on the site, so keep an eye open for the latest insights the Author glimpses to the numerous questions that keep springing into his mind, which only occurs when he stays absolutely silent for an extended period of time.

Some repetition may occur as a phrase or paragraph may need to be repeated in other sections to not distract one from the subject at hand.


The Author of this work wishes to acknowledge Prof. Hilton Hotema, Dr. Raymond Bernard, Dr. Alexis Carell, Prof. Arnold Ehret, Drs. Dale and Carter, Joel Kramer, Theodore Rozak, Lama Anagarika Govinda and others for the guidance they provided in their writings and words of wisdom they shared with the Author in the late 60s and early 70s. Thus to seek in the historical records answers to the many question he had at the time on the scientific nature of life and mankind.

He will forever be eternally grateful to his ex-wife for giving him the freedom to pursue his seeking.

He is also most grateful to his friend Malcolm Bone for encouraging him in 2001 to think of presenting this work. After the Original Manuscript was lost in 1998, the author decided to give up on the desire to present the Scientific Nature of the Universe Life and Mankind. At the time he believed that there would be few individuals in the world who would have the desire or the fortitude and apply themselves to attain Cosmic Consciousness. Malcolm's personal effort and progress towards attaining physiological perfection have surely had the greatest impact in reversing his reluctance to present the knowledge he had access to.

Malcolm has also been writing on many of the subjects in this work and others he thinks still needs to be include in the Authors writings. His email address is still operating under the one business he created, which puzzles many of the individuals when I refer them to his site.

If one is still seeking further insights into may of the riddles of the nature of life, mankind and religion not included in this work, then we strongly recommend one contact the domains below for a list of the works of the above authors and the many other enlightening books they have to offer. and also